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Saturday, September 6, 1975

Suzie's Wedding...

Just in case you haven't noticed... this is the heart of the 70s!! I love the long hair.
FYI The one on the far right is our dentist.
The mysterious mustache man 2nd to the right is my dad.
Next to him, 3rd from the right is my parent's lawyer.

This is the church I was raised in... I can still remember the smell...
My mom's (Suzie Says) favorite part of the day was when she was walking down the aisle. The song they chose is called Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens. Suzie Says that she felt so good about herself and will always remember the way David looked as she walked to him from the back of the church.
This is my favorite picture of my parents... just the look on their faces!!! My Grandma Jean was too sick to attend the ceremony so right afterward my parents went to the hospital in full wedding glory with a tape (audio cassette of course) to reenact the whole thing... I think that is the sweetest thing ever!!
My mom made her wedding dress a week before the wedding and she had already made all the bridesmaids dresses... in case you don't know already... my mom rocks!!The bouquet toss...
Always on my mind...

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