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Friday, May 29, 2009

Flutter Skirts

I have always loved skirts. In grade school there were years I refused to wear pants. I was/am a girly girl. See...I think my figure looks better in skirts. Smaller waist accented and child bearing hips camouflaged.
Skirts make you feel beautiful
Skirts make you feel like dancing
Skirts make you feel feminine
Spring is in full swing and summer is upon us.
I’m going to wear skirts.

The End
Another great post on skirts here from one of my favorite blogs The Domestic Fringe.

I'm going to add this to Mom's The Word's Making your Home Sing Monday Because I'm making my home sing by being a feminine fluttery mommy! Click here for more fun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eli's Lids has Tees too...

Shop for tees here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where the hay can I put my diaper bag!?!?

You are in the grocery store.
You put your diaper bag next to baby.
Baby flings the contents of your wallet throughout the store.
You put the diaper bag in the cart, it gets covered with food and fixins'.
You get to the checkout you hold up the line searching for your coupons.
Use a carabiner (rock climbing hook) to clip your bag to the cart!! I got my carabiner at REI. It has flowers on it :)
I keep it attached to the strap of my diaper bag. It clips to anything... stroller, cart & toddler (except for the toddler).
These pix were taken on a recent trip to one of my favorite places, IKEA!
Go have lunch there sometime it's cheap cheap cheap.
Hot Hubby and I have even grabbed dinner there on a few date nights. I recommend the salmon and Hot Hubby gets the lasagna!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day FUN!!

Happy Memorial Day!!~May you remember the men and women
who have died serving our country.
~May you be thankful to live in a country
where freedom reigns.
~May you eat fresh strawberries
till your tummy is full!
Call friends and family who have served our great country today!
"Memorial Day was first established in 1868 in order to honor the soldiers who had fallen during the Civil War. It was initially only recognized by first NewYork and then the remainder of the northern states, and wasn't followed by the south until after World War I."
(Info found here.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Going on a Picnic? Take a Lid...

Get settled.
Take the famous "group shot" with one arm extended as far as you can reach!

I'm not the best lunch packer (as some of you might remember Cora Jane gnawing on a potato at the pool). This time I packed leftover lasagna and one paper towel.
Yes folks, ONE PAPER TOWEL!!!
Rookie mistake.

Cora is wearing the Pink Snowboarder Lid in pink size newborn-1-year-old.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Suzie Says...

I cannot stand dingy dish cloths!
I chucked all my old white ones and bought colored ones ($2.99 for a bundle of 12 at TARGET).
This reminded me of something Suzie says,
"Don't wash towels with fabric softener!"
What!?!?!? (you are thinking) But I want soft fluffy bath towels!
The tale goes something like this: Fabric softener will leave a waxy build up on the fibers of the towel that will make them less adsorbent over time.
Yes folks, this is true.
But don't fret.
Suzie also says, "If you are going to use fabric softener just strip your towels every 3-6 months or so by washing them on hot hot hot."

(FYI You'll notice it more with your dish towels, dish cloths and washcloths. I rarely use softener with those.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mom's Day Review...

All I ask for on Mother's day is a picnic.
Time with the kiddos and hubby.
Because time just goes too fast.

"I can't believe she is making me eat fruit."
(FYI Fruit is suppose to help with his painful heartburn.)

We got home and put the kiddos down for naps.
Hot Hubby did this ----->>>>>>

While I did this--->>>>>

After naps we moseyed on down to the pool...

I wore my new cover-up from Sam's club.
(FYI Very flattering on)
Something good about not losing that last 15 pounds... big knockers!

Love to my kiddos for making me a Mommy.
Snuggles to my Hot Hubby for REALLY making me a Mommy (wink)!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Make a Double Beach Towel

You go to the beach.
You lay out the line of towels.
Sand creeps up through the crack.
Sand on your bum... Try this quick and easy fix for double towel bliss!
Lay towels right side together and sew just inside the thick ends of the towels' seams.
Be sure to reinforce the ends by going forward and backwards loads of times.
(I wasn't able to take the seam all the to the end because of the thick ends.)
Ta-Da! No sandy bums...
Perfect for beach and picnics.
Happy Almost-Summer!!I'm adding this to The Lazy Organizer's Talk About Tuesday. Just found you while blog hopping and you header pic alone had me hooked!!

Now I'm linking up with Tightwad Tuesday with Canadagirl because a double beach towel will run you up to $50+ bucks... you can make this out of towel you have.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Vintage Mother's Day!

"And then I read on this blog..."

"No, wait this is seriously the funniest story ever!"

"Oh, mom stop laughing at me! At least I know how to use email."

Thanks for being my biggest fan.
All my love,

(Download more free vintage Mother's Day Postcards here.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why I won't follow you on Twitter...

Last night Suz over at Alive in Wonderland organized BlogCrush (an OC blogger meet up) and of course we chatted about Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter Twitter (if you watch The Soup you get that joke).
I LOVE Twitter.
Admittedly, when I first joined I thought it was lame. But it has quickly become a intricate part of Eli's Lids. Networking with businesses and getting opinions & support from other moms.... they should totally call it Social Networking (I think I'm so funny... so sad).
When a fellow tweep follows me I usually follow back unless...
The Reasons I WON'T Follow YOU on Twitter...
  1. Your profile page doesn't have a picture (or company logo), bio or location. Things don't have to be fancy but I would like to know a bit about the person I'm tweeting with. I understand the benefit of ambiguity and I don't mind if it is just a state or county, but "everywhere," that's just lame!
  2. Your picture has boobs. I have my own, thank you!
  3. There isn't a link to a blog or a company website. Why is this kind of person on twitter??
  4. There are no @replies in the tweets. Even Ashton Kutcher interacts with other tweeps.
  5. Your tweets promise that I can make $4,000 a month at home (or on a beach somewhere) by not doing anything.
  6. Every tweet is is trying to sell, promote or push your product/service on your followers.
  7. You follow 1,234 people and only 6 people follow you or you have zero updates. Huh?
  8. You are trying to get 3,000 followers by midnight PST.
  9. We have absolutely nothing and I mean NOTHING in common. Doesn't happen often but that paranormal romance writer who dabbles in Wicca and S&M was just a bit much.
  10. Your tweets are lame. Not really...I just couldn't leave the list at #9.
In case you were wondering, this tasty margarita flavored cupcake will have you planning a Cinco De Mayo party on Cinco De Juno. Dreamed up by Meringue Bake Shop... someone I do follow on Twitter (meringuebkeshp)!!

What are some of the reasons you don't follow?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hot Friends?

I learned that a son will look at Mommy in confusion if the reason Mommy gives for sharing his fort with his little sister is:
“You should share your fort because she will have hot friends someday you will want to date!”

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Recycle Container into a Bath/Pool Toy...

I save old containers.
They are just too nice to toss aside. (Remember the Bowling Set & Storage Boxes?!?!?)
This habit annoys Hot Hubby to no avail!
While packing up for the move he wouldn't let me take my "creative" stash so I took a picture...I understand his refusal to move a box of empty containers (oh the fabulous plans I had for those cans!!). But if I didn't save stuff I wouldn't have been able to make this AWESOME bath toy for the kiddos...
You will need...
Stab the heck out of the top and/or bottom.

I did an "X" pattern on the bottom and loads of holes on the top.DONE!
The kiddos love it :)
(FYI That is Hot Hubby's hairy arm up there not me!)
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