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Monday, May 18, 2009

Suzie Says...

I cannot stand dingy dish cloths!
I chucked all my old white ones and bought colored ones ($2.99 for a bundle of 12 at TARGET).
This reminded me of something Suzie says,
"Don't wash towels with fabric softener!"
What!?!?!? (you are thinking) But I want soft fluffy bath towels!
The tale goes something like this: Fabric softener will leave a waxy build up on the fibers of the towel that will make them less adsorbent over time.
Yes folks, this is true.
But don't fret.
Suzie also says, "If you are going to use fabric softener just strip your towels every 3-6 months or so by washing them on hot hot hot."

(FYI You'll notice it more with your dish towels, dish cloths and washcloths. I rarely use softener with those.)


Cascia said...

I wasn't aware that fabric softener leaves a waxy build up on towels. I'll have to remember that.

Samantha said...

thank for the awesome tip. I never knew that!

Jon and Melissa said...

I stopped using fabric softener all together b/c of that amougst other things. I use vinegar now and it is natural and no build up....

The Blonde Duck said...

How do you make them undingy, Suzie?

Joy said...

I've been using fabric softener for years. I know it leaves a build up but I've never noticed a big enough difference to care. Even on my dish towels that I wash with the bath towels. I can't stand rough towels!!! I'm willing to risk the build up for a soft snuggle in a big fluffy towel.

Just Spotted said...

wow! who knew. thanks for the tips!

xoxo, k

thedomesticfringe said...

I don't use softener because I think it takes longer for the towels to dry. It may be all my head, but hey, saves me money.


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