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Friday, May 22, 2009

Going on a Picnic? Take a Lid...

Get settled.
Take the famous "group shot" with one arm extended as far as you can reach!

I'm not the best lunch packer (as some of you might remember Cora Jane gnawing on a potato at the pool). This time I packed leftover lasagna and one paper towel.
Yes folks, ONE PAPER TOWEL!!!
Rookie mistake.

Cora is wearing the Pink Snowboarder Lid in pink size newborn-1-year-old.


Gina Carlin said...

Hi Kara Noel, I just ordered my first lid ('bout time!). I'm so excited. Thanks for such an awesome product.

junglewife said...

Too fun! I did notice the potato at the pool and just wondered if that was a snack that was unique to your family or something :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute lids.


cherimarie2 said...

I need to visit your new place! Your kids are getting so big. Let me know when you want a haircut! I've been doing lots of hair lately!

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