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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Boy hat? Girl Hat?

Eli usually wears this Lid----->>>

Cora Jane usually wears this Lid--->>

Add your favorite bow or clip to any Lid to Girl-It-Up a bit.
I flipped the Tomboy Rock 'n Roll Lid so the hearts were hidden to Boy-It-Up a bit
Viola... You can get loads more wear out of each Lid!!


rachael said...

Or mommy can wear the rock n' roll lid on a cold night at disneyland!

momstheword said...

Very clever! It saves money and lets people know if a baby is a boy or girl (in case their clothes don't give it away).

Loved the jr. high pics!

The Blonde Duck said...


Andrea said...

So clever....love it!!
I'll be ordering some for Mia and Jacob soon!

Donna said...

Sophie has the brown Lid and I love it. She just wears pink ( well she is 3 so I think it's a given she is a girl) hehe I love brown for girls!!!!

Tanyetta said...

toooo cute! i love that guitar shirt too :)

Barely Domestic Mama said...

I love the multiple use for boy or girl. That's a great way to get longer wear. :)

Brandi said...

I love how they are so versital!

How old was Cora Jane when you started having her wear the hats? I am just wondering cause I have a 2 month old, and am just wondering when I can purchase one and have her start wearing it! Oh and are they more for winter, or do you have cooler summer ones? It's usually hot here in the summer, so I need something lightweight!

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