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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lids Help improve Rock Climbing!

That's right folks! When you wear Eli's Lids you will instantly be a better rock climber! Class 5 climbs will seem like child's play!
An added bonus... you will look fabulous as you scale the mountain!
Juggernauts will be a thing of the past and rappelling will be a breeze!


Anonymous said...

So cute!


JaMean said...

Wow! Now THAT looks fun!!! :)

JaMean said...

Wow! Now THAT looks fun!!! :)

The Rogers Family said...

where was this? man your kids are advanced climbers.

Suz Broughton said...

Sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is sooo much FUN!
Can you email me the card company for your hangtags again? I ordered from them and they came with zero info and I need to re-order. Thanks so much!

Donna Blessed Nest said...

cute climbers! Sophie has her Lid on at the park..all the time. That must be why she climbs so well. Ahha

The Blonde Duck said...

Do they make you fly?

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