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Monday, March 30, 2009

I remember Jr High...

Welcome to our second Remember When Linky... Remember Jr High?
To see all the rules go here.
If you are ready with your Jr High post, add to the Linky below and get ready for the gawk fest!!
Kara Noel remembers Jr High...
First off, any paparazzi better not copy these photos to sell for a million dollars to TMZ... (picture taken in 8th grade at Forest home Winter Camp... I was blow drying my favorite shoes because they had gotten soaking wet in the snow.)
Second... all these pix were scanned from my childhood scrapbook. Yes, an ACTUAL scrapbook with pictures from a film camera... just pictures and construction paper. Don't hate all you digi scrappers when you see my mad skills...
The picture above shows just how tall I was in Jr High. Yep, that's me, a head taller than the crowd. Funny... I never felt like a outcast. In fact, when I found this picture I was shocked at how much taller I was than the other gals.
I never felt "too tall" but I always felt plump. Oh the body image issues us ladies face! I remember in the picture below feeling super fat. Any ideas on how to prevent that feeling for our daughters??? Suggestions welcome...

My Jr High must have been incredibly cool because our yearbook was a play on In Living Color... Remember when SNL wasn't funny we all watched Fire Marshall Bill?
My Jr. High class photos.
I remember sneaking Wet 'n Wild pink shimmery lipstick on for my 7th grade picture. 8th grade I wore my favorite outfit, a forest green body suit and flannel vest... oh how I LOVED vests. My mom made me a gazillion.

I was on Color Guard. I got kicked off the team right before our last competition (we were the reigning champs). Why you ask?? Well... There was a Saturday practice, but my whole family (aunt, uncles... the whole big bunch) had planned our annual trip to Disneyland. We went to Disneyland in the morning and then my mom dropped me off at practice. I was wearing Birkenstocks. Open toed shoes are a cardinal sin for colorguard. No cell phones, so I couldn't call my mom for a rescue. She picked me up at the end of practice to go back to Disneyland and I was off the team. I didn't mind though... I got to go back to Disneyland and the season was over anyway.
I tease that I have looked 30 since I was 12... here is the proof. I swear that could be me now! Except I would never be caught dead in "mom" jeans.
Lets all pretend those were in style in 1993 and never speak of this again!!

I like to think I came into my own by the end of 8th grade. I was still the tallest. I still didn't realize it. In Jr High I got up every morning before school to do devotions. What a precious time as I became a woman of the Lord! My mom (Suzie Says) made me this dress for 8th grade graduation. I just felt lovely!


Midwest Mommy said...

This is great! I love all the pics.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for hosting us! Love the pictures!

Ghada ~girlstoys said...

love it! Very "cool" pics LOL. We must be from the same era as I see lots of similar must-haves like the converse. As I am overseas and away from home I don't have any pics from that time, but would love to take part in your meme. It won't be as incriminating without the photos, but could still be fun.

Suz Broughton said...

Mine's from High School though, sorry. Is that okay. It was 1984 :)

LaVonne said...

This is so funny. I like getting a glimpse into your life. How fun, great idea. All my pictures from that era are packed away. But they are funny for sure. thanks for stopping by my blog. Come back anytime!

rachael said...

I feel like I know you a little better now... didn't we all have those vest-plaid-outfits that we loved if we went to Jr Hi in the early 90s? That and a good flannel shirt?

This is an awesome post. Thanks for being brave and sharing :)

Alicia said...

What a fun meme!! And you look totally the same!!!!

Schultz Family said...

You actually have color photos... Where my photos are from that i have no idea... I had to take all from my 3 wonderful yearbooks... I loved this it was fun...

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Forest Home and Fire Marshall Bill. Aww...the good ol' days. :)

I don't think I can find a jr. high picture in time to post for tonight, but maybe I'll throw one up tomorrow just for the fun of it.

Love this idea!

Ashley said...

I couldn't get to the journal or diary, but I managed to find some scary pictures! Ugg... I try SOO hard to forget JH... NOT two of my favorite years!

cmwheeler said...

Oh...it hurts, it really does. I wish I knew where even one picture from junior high was hiding. In sixth grade I was at least two or three inches taller than everyone else. By eighth grade I was about four or five inches shorter than everyone else.
But I recall a trip to Disneyland with a truly amazing wave in my bangs.
Still that pic of you with your shoes, I would have been sooo jealous. At that age I looked like a kid. You looked like you could talk to high school boys. (Making you so rad in my twelve-year old eyes!)

Kimberly Eddy said...

Kara, I love it! you really haven't changed much.

I posted mine but without pictures. I wasn't trying to be difficult...I just don't have any.

I tried to find some...any...but couldn't. I don't have too many pictures from back that far and long ago. I don't even have yearbooks from high school, how about that? HA.

But...I did reflect a bit on Junior high...http://www.joyfulmomma.org/2009/03/junior-high-looking-back-linky.html

NateAndJakesMom said...

Thanks for stopping by and linking at my post!!
I love looking back and Jr. High was such a "scary looking" period for me... will have to dig some of those up!
We can always cross link if you'd like!

The Blonde Duck said...

I can't beleive they kicked you off of colorguard for that!

I hated middle school. I've blocked it out of my memory...

A little secret: I did colorguard too in HS!

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Great scrapbook!

Whimsical Creations said...

OMG!! I had those chuck taylors, too!!

Anonymous said...

I have lots of pictures of me in mom jeans. Why? I blame the fashion industry.

Great pictures!!! I would've played along, but my pictures are burried in a box somewhere and would have required too much time....sorry. :-(

Andrea said...

love it, love it, love it!!!
I have to go fish out a pic at my parents house to post!!
I can tell I'll be spending much of my time popping over to your blog now too!!!

The Rogers Family said...

Oh my gosh that is hysterical. Serious -you and I dressed the same way in junior high. Too bad we didn't go to school together -then we could have towered over the other kids together!

*Lissa* said...

Hilarious!! LOVE THIS!

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