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Friday, March 6, 2009

Moving Saga Part 1: Painting and Packing

Many of you noticed I was MIA for a couple of weeks. Oh, how I missed my Invisible Friends (as The Blond Duck would say). We moved and didn't have the Internet hooked up... I must say that the first few days were torture, then there was about a week where it felt like a vacation, then I just plain missed blogging.

Our new place is AMAZING. We have been blessed beyond measure... oh, don't you worry, I'll be posting pix as the Moving Saga unfolds...

Before one of our friends bought his house, he had bought a condo.
Instead of selling the condo (the wise man that he is) he rents it out as an investment property.
This wonderful condo was his home for 6 years and it REALLY has the "well cared for and loved home" feel... not the apartment feel... you know what I mean, right?

Our story begins when he offered the place to us at a VERY discounted price. This is blessing #1. There is no way we could have afforded it because this place is worth twice as much as we pay!
Blessing #2 - He let us paint!!
We picked the kid's bathroom (there are 3 bathrooms!!!!) color because of the name...
I wore my painting overalls. There is just something about painting in overalls!
Oh the packing! There is no way around it MOVING stinks... even if you are moving out of a moldy slum into a palace. Our great friends (and the kiddo's Godparents), Jami and Adam have moved many times. They have about a zillion tips, one is to use sheets and towels as protective packing around breakables, like dishes. No bubble wrap needed...
It was inevitable... I got pretty melancholy as I was packing up our lives. Like my Valentine's Day poem from Hot Hubby and my everlasting pumpkins. We packed the wall stuff first and the apartment lost it's homeyness. It made me realize, I'm taking the "home" to our new place!
Of all things, I got more than misty when I took down these Cuties stickers.
At Christmas time I had started saving the holiday themed ones because I had a grandiose plan to scan them in and do some sort of funny thing with the kid's pix and the word "cutie."
That never happened, but one day I was peeling a Cutie for Eli and I stuck the sticker up to save for later (there were only about 3 up at the time), Eli said in an amazed voice,
"Boo-tiful Mama!!!"
Oh, how could I stop sticking those lame things on the kitchen cabinet!?!?
Everyday as I would peel he would proclaim the beauty of the stickers.
As I peeled the stickers off I just couldn't help but think I may forget that silly moment we had... oh how being a mom pulls at your heart!


Schultz Family said...

How awesome... I am so excited for you and your family... More room... I agree moving is a pita but well worth it...

jen@odbt said...

Exciting times! I can't wait to see more.

PS: How do you do the comments on your pictures?

Donna~ Blessed Nest said...

oh I am so excited for you! Memories are the hardest too pack..but you get to take them with you!

Have you seen our latest giveaway? It's really good!


cherimarie2 said...

I was wondering where you went! I'm glad to know you got a deal! Will you still be in CM? I hate moving and moving out of state is a whole other story! See you next month

JaMean said...

YEA! I am SO glad that you guys are so happy in your new home. Happiniess resonates and it's just a great thing.

SO-- CONGRATS!!! Have SO much fun painting and decorating YOUR new home. :)

rachael said...

Can't wait to see your new place all decked out KN-style.

We'll miss our drop-off-on-Wednesday-night marathons, but we'll have to come up with new memories and new drop-off routines.

Congratulations! God totally blessed you guys with an awesome adventure.

Suz Broughton said...

I linked to you again today at the Orange County Register: http://themomblog.freedomblogging.com/2009/03/10/making-your-photos-great-is-a-picnik/14537/

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