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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moving Saga Part 6: Last Chapter?

We went back to the Old Place Sunday after church to do the final cleaning. I cried when we Magically Erased Eli's wall art -->>Then we had to clean the empty apartment. It was a great way to say goodbye to every inch...
Goodbye: Cheap white linoleum with scratches and spaces, kitchen faucet that squirts over 6 feet (had to keep a washcloth over it!), faux green/tan marble (in both bathrooms), eroding mirrors (in both bathrooms), hole it tub, tub that isn't sealed to the floor and leaks water (from hole in the tub), moldy 2.5 x 2.5' shower, moldy plastic carpet, thermostat that only sets to extremely hot and only 4 windows in the whole place (that includes the sliding glass door in the back!).
Hello: Beautiful new wood floors and lovely floor tile, nice fixtures that are just to die for, granite counters, travertine tiled tub and shower (no leaks in sight!), huge shower with corner seat, thick cozy carpet, thermostat with timer and air conditioning, 2 car garage, 15 HUGE double paned windows, three bedrooms, and open happy perfect uplifting feelings.
Hello down there...
Unpacking is just dandy...
The way I listed the contents of these boxes just cracked me up later. The first one has my beloved pumpkins in it and it says "Random Horizontal Stuff" (you can also see an Eli's Lids label peeking out from the slit).
The other box says "Junk Drawer and Important Papers."

One thing I'm really bummed to say goodbye to is our little backyard. The first thing we did after we moved in was put in the grass. We were surrounded by a busy street and my little back yard felt like our family's secret little oasis in the middle of the city. We had a lot of fun back there with buddies, bubbles, a tiny plastic pool, flowers, picnics...
After we cleaned Hot Hubby and I just sat in the empty living room and cried (I cried, he cuddled). It wasn't home anymore... but the new place wasn't yet either.
"Mom, I'm so tired of the Moving Saga..."


Kara said...

I'm glad you got to say goodbye to your house. When we left the tiny townhouse where we spent our first year of marriage, at the last minute we decided that my husband would do the final trip on his own. Didn't seem like a big deal until a year or so later when I suddenly was crying, missing the place because it was so small we could almost always see each other. I had to reassure my poor confused husband that I did indeed love our current house, but just needed a moment. :) Enjoy unpacking and settling in!

rachael said...

Ah, the moving saga comes to an end (?). Well told! I love that you packed "Junk Drawer" and "Important Papers" in the same box - lol. And fancy that cubby hole bookshelf in your living room! ;-) Looks nice! Can't wait to see your new place all decked out in person.

And did Eli really fall asleep w/ his hand in his veggies? That's hilarious! (My kids aren't so sure about those mixed veggies, but 17 attempts is a whole month, at least, of making them eat their veggies... then maybe one days they'll eat as many veggies as your kids!)

The Blonde Duck said...

Moving is so hard. I bet you're glad it's over!

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