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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Moving Saga Part 4: Sacred Space

The last days in that little apartment I was really able to reflect on our life there. We lived... I mean really lived there for 2 years. So much life. It is hard to put into words, but I really feel that so much meaningful life happened in that space, it just has to be sacred now. I just imagine anyone walking in the apartment will be overwhelmed with the life felt there.
I am.
As I'm typing this, tears streaming down my face, sitting in my palace in the hills, I can't help but think what a wonderful life we had there.
So much life that everyone who lives there will get to experience just a bit of our joy. I mean how could they not!?! We live in joy.
Our daughter was born into that space.
Both of our children were dedicated in that space.
So many friends and family broke bread in that space.
Countless romantic moments and "I love yous" were spoken in that place.
Infections laughter resonated in that space.
Sacred space.
One of the sweetest memories in those last days was Cora Jane getting to discover the rain. She was in her PJs and I just let her go at her own pace and she was in awe...
Later that day I rememberedthat it was just over a year earlier when Eli discovered the rain in that same space... in his PJs... and in awe... I'm not sure why but I was pretty sad saying goodbye to the trash man.
Lame, I know!
But for goodness sake we have been running out to watch him 3 times a week for the past 2 years. Yes, 3 times a week!! I was being dragged by Eli and lugging Cora Jane and usually Eli's trash truck too. He was just so kind to Eli... I mean we didn't talk, but he never seemed annoyed we were watching. He would wave at Eli and say that his toy trash truck was "neat." I even gave him a nativity I made at Christmas.
This last Trash Day we ran out with our homemade Valentine. On the back I had written a Thank You note. Before he got back in his truck he read the note then came over to say goodbye. I snapped a picture... Eli still talks about that moment!
Now Eli comments every week (we only have trash day once a week at the new place) that the new Trash Man forgets to wave at him.
It's sad.


Suz Broughton said...

Awww! You have the biggest heart! You seem like such a great mom.

Schultz Family said...

ahhh it is sad to say goodbye to so many memories, yet you are about to embark on making so many new ones...

jen@odbt said...

How sweet. It is hard to leave a place with so many memories. Here's to many more memories in your new home.

Sarah said...

Our Sweeper truck guy forgets to wave at us once in awhile (or he can't see our little noses poking out our front window). I tell the kids, he is a very hard worker. He must be working really hard to do a good job. But, the fireman waved at us today. :)

Kimberly Eddy said...


I do relate to what you wrote. I had our mobile home up for sale for 5 whopping years, and was so thankful the day we sold it...but then moving out, I got all teary eyed in the stupidest way, and thinking of all of those "firsts" that happened in that house. Four of our five children were born into that house...I bet it will be even harder to move out of this one as baby number five was actually born HERE, right where I am sitting now, in fact, in what has become my office ;).

Your moving saga has been very moving.

rachael said...

okay, i finally teared up at the end w/ the part about the trash man

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