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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moving Saga Part 3: Early Load & Purging

If you have a marvelous landlord like we do, then he would let you start moving in early (Blessing #7). Our friends loaded up their cars with a big bulk of our "stuff" and we headed off to our palace in the hills. The kiddos ran wild playing in the "forts" and we all devoured my mom's awesome stuffing casserole and her absolutely fabulous chocolate chip cookies (Blessing #8). I'll share the stuffing casserole... but I'm just not quite ready to reveal the cookie recipe yet :)
Stuffing Casserole
  • Make stuffing according to the directions on the box without the butter
  • Bake chicken breasts (cut into strips)
  • Add 1 can of cream of chicken soup and one can of water to the chicken to make a tasty "gravy"
  • Cook a bit more
  • Put the finished stuffing on the bottom and sides of 9X13 pan
  • Add the cooked chicken and gravy to the center of the stuffing
  • Heat up everything in the oven till it is bubbly
  • Serve with cranberry sauce
  • This is yummy! (great for Thanksgiving leftovers)
Why do I adore my friends?
They adore my Lids!
(other things too)
While Eli was building box forts (with real power tools!) we were pitching all the stuff unworthy of our hillside villa (two minivans full of stuff to be exact). We also sold quite a few big items on Craig's List (Blessing #10). You meet some fun people with Craig's List...
Like the lady who talked our wine glasses down to $5 and didn't bring anything to pick them up in and couldn't stop talking about gallivanting around Vegas with her husband and gay friends.
Like the nice guy who bought our patio furniture so his wife could smoke outside.
Like the tattooed couple who bought black corner shelf to display their Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia.
Like the...


AJ and Aly said...

I use almost the same stuffing recipe at home! Just not with the cranberry sauce. yummy!!

love the pic of eli building his box fort!!

jen@odbt said...

I'm getting ready to post some things on Craigs List - I wonder what kind of folks I'll get.

The Blonde Duck said...

I need some of that casserole, a tutu and my hair braided into pigtails to hang out with ya'll, obviously. I'll bring my own tu tu.

Schultz Family said...

yes you surely do meet some very interestly nice people on craigs list... congrats on the new digs...

Olivia said...

How many parts to this Saga Kara? : )

rachael said...

lol about the power tools, the table for Nightmare Before Christmas Memorabilia, the tutu (don't ask), and the good times! (i think i was sick that night; i look horribly pale)

McNew Family said...

Love the photo of your little guy in a box with safety glasses and the drill!


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