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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tag... Awards... Side Notes...

My blogging buddy Karen over at Lil' Momma's Haven (her Journey to Motherhood is a MUST READ!) tagged me and I'm actually doing it! I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to do it consider yourself tagged!
Here are the Rules:Use the first letter of your name to answer the following questions. If the person before you has the same 1st letter pick a new one OR use different answers. You CAN NOT use anything twice, and you CAN NOT use your own name for name question. Tag 5 people.
I shall use the name of my blog, my business and my inspiration... Eli as in Eli's Lids!

1. What is your name: Eli’s Lids

2. A 4 letter word: Envy. As in don't envy other blogs... just have fun blogging and be yourself :)
3. A boy's name: Elias
4. A girl's name: Eve
5. An occupation: Economist. Are there any good ones left in the USA!? 3.5 Trillion!! Wanna know what a trillion looks like? Go here.
6. A color: Ecru… a color I like to say but don’t really like in general.
7. Something you wear: Evening Gown. LOL… remember my silver one!
8. A Food: Eggs… Eli has been able to eat 4 eggs in one sitting since he was 18 months old, folks.
9. Something found in the bathroom: Elmo Potty
10. A place: Ethiopia… Where we sponsor a beautiful 17 year old girl, Yergalem, through Compassion.
11. A reason for being late: Emailing… I sure do love getting emails so send me one!
12. Something you shout: “Excellent!” As in, Wayne's World!! Wayne's Word!! Party Time!! Excellent!!
13. A movie title: Edward Scissorhands. Why the hay did I love that movie... oh yeah Johnny...
14. Something you drink: Espresso. Just got a coffee maker and as soon as I get these I’ll be doing a whole post about how awesome it is!
15. An animal: Eagle
16. A song title: End of October by David Crowder Band... also my favorite band :)
17. A verb: Edify. Seriously folks.. is that a verb? I stink at grammar… but we should all be edifying each other everyday. Action word... right?
I'm just starting to understand blog awards! The first one I got was from Donna over at Blessed Nest Perch, then I got a great comment one from Karen at Lil Momma's Haven and today I got one from The Blond Duck over at Her Pond!
Of course I was gitty and flattered and down right proud. REALLY!! How cool to have real life invisible friends (as the Blond Duck would say!)... especially because I love their blogs so much.
Just some quickies about how great these gals are...
Blessed Nest Perch - Best organic nursing pillows EVER! If you don't want to take my word for it check out about a zillion testimonials here!
Lil Momma's Haven - Karen's Journey to Motherhood is a must read (it's worth saying twice).
A Duck in Her Pond - Check out her Neverending Stories. She is silly times 10... just the way I like them!
Not-so-Side Note: My Mom (Suzie Says) is in the hospital with double pneumonia. Pray for her right now... please!
Side note: Just got some awesome fabric I ordered from eQuilter. It's FANTASTIC! eQuilter has tons of fabric, great clearance and sale prices AND they donate 2% of your tab to the charity of your choice... how cool is that? Heather from Blessed Nest turned me on to them when I was searching for curtain material. I'm going to use this for pillows. I think it goes just dandy with my new rug :)Side Note: Discovered today that my down stairs bathroom has the perfect light for plucking!
Side Note: Went shopping today, put this stuff in baskets and thought it looked neat...


Blessed Nest said...

perfect light for plucking..now that is grand!! Oh you sweet girl...thanks for the shout out~
Hope your mom feels better soon...praying for her!

junglewife said...

Love your blog!!! Always makes me smile :-)

Just have to say - my uncle sent me the link about how much a trillion looks like. Gives a little more perspective, but boy, still boggles my mind!!!

I laughed when I read about you finding the perfect light for plucking. Ain't such an easy thing to do!

I'm checking out the eQuilter store right now - a BAD thing for someone who's going a little fabric-crazy.

Also - love your fruits and veggies in baskets. Very fun.

jen@odbt said...

Prayers for your mom. I hope she's better soon.

Karen said...

You are sooooooo silly but that is why I luvs ya! LOL Thanks for the bloggy love.

Right back at ya babe!!!
Karen @ Lil Momma's Haven

and yes my journey to motherhood is a MUST read! hehe ;-)

btw, I'm praying for your momma!

The Blonde Duck said...

Awww! Thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you like my stories! :)

Katie said...

Thanks for leaving your link. It was fun to read a little bit about you. I laughed out loud about your plucking in the brighter light bathroom. I love your name. Very pretty. My daughter has a 2 name first name and I am always excited when I see others who also do that. I also LOVE the hats you make. Do you have an etsy site where you sell from or do you do it through your email?
~Katie (A Listmaker's Life & ABCand123)

momstheword said...

Your blog is so bright and cheerful and fun! I love the hats, you are very creative.

I hope that your mom gets better soon. It's always a little worrisome to have a parent sick.

I would love to have you participate in "Making Your Home Sing Monday!"

I usually have it up Sunday afternoon to make sure Mr. Linky is working. Some like to post on Sunday and some on Sunday. Let me know if you want a reminder comment. Somebody else wants one as well. Take care!

Schultz Family said...

Hope your mom gets well soon... that is never fun... I have my Remember when already to go... I am so excited... BTW it is past the mid of the month email me so i can get you set up to go on Creativity Shared... email Bunnyfofi@yahoo.com or Creativityshared@yahoo.com
Looking forward to seeing more of your creative side... Korie

kirwin said...

Thanks for leaving me a note (and suggestions!!!) on my blog. It's nice to comments...you never know who's lurking out there. ; ) I'm also glad I was led back to your blog--love the lids!!

rachael said...

EAGLE! Like the bald eagle we saw at the SA Zoo!

Love that rug and "matching" fabric. So great!

rachael said...

AND, did your mom get out of the hospital? Praying for her... She's going on my prayer board.

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