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Monday, October 20, 2008

My Inspiration...

You may or may not know that Eli's Lids is inspired by my son Eli. He is just too funny and is still inspiring me everyday.
Here are some of his antics today...

First, he was eating meatballs and green beans for breakfast (for breakfast! his mom must be crazy!). He started singing "meatballs, meatballs" I thought that was just hysterical and started singing along... then I see what he is doing...
That's right, meatballs in my super cute new shoes. The shoes I got for my hot hubby's swank work party this week. Swank as in drive to LA get new shoes and a new silver dress. That's right silver!!! I think it is a bit much but my hot hubby likes it (wink).
Later, while we were playing he totally ate it and hit his lip. Complete with blood. Which got all over one of my favorite shirts during the snuggle-kisses-get-better-time. It was worth it... I love a good snuggle!!

Later, while I was watching our friend's daughter, Adalee (adorable name, I know!!), he was so generous and gave her his 3 most valuable possessions to play with. What a sweet boy... or maybe he is just trying to impress the ladies!
Later, he was giving me something with an empty hand saying "boog"... yep he was handing me a booger! Which I thought was pretty cool because he didn't wipe it on anything. No picture of the booger, sorry.

Then my inspiration did this...
I heart this kid!

1 comment:

jami said...

I love this! I can't wait until Isaac is 2 years old and he will be this much fun!

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