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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crayon fun...

I love crafts!
Eli is finally getting to the age where we can start to create things together and I LOVE it. This is a crayon project straight from my childhood.
Recycle (I'm so Green) broken crayons and the ones with the tips worn down... because we all know we only use the nice sharp ones!!!

Peel the wrappers off all the crayons. I did this the night before (with help from my hot hubby) and it really helped. Hot Hubby used a razor blade to slice the wrapper and they came right off... huge time saver!

Separate the crayons by color and grab a cute toddler (yours I hope!).

Be Silly...
I didn't want my crayons to be big blobs of brown/grey so I separated them into like colors.
I did do one rainbow crayon as a tester. The trick with the rainbow crayon is to pull it out before it has melted too much... just when the top looks wet. That way the colors don't bleed into each other too much. I think I did mine just a bit too long.
Preheat oven to 225 and put the muffin tin in for about 5 minutes for the rainbow crayons and about 10 for the solid colored crayons.
Pull out and let cool. If you are in a hurry, put them in the fridge or freezer. Be sure not to drop them... that clean up would be grueling...ug...
I heart them!! I did try one layered one... that was a little more complex. You melt the bottom layer color in the muffin tin, while it is cooling use a can (throw away soup can is great) to melt the next color. Pour it on top of the first layer in the tin. Keep going for as many layers as you want... notice I only did two... it is kinda time consuming. Layers would be great for older kids because there is more stuff to do.

This was so fun! I hope you enjoy it too :)


keely steger said...

i LOVE this idea! my son has completely his first set of crayons, so i will definitely be trying this out.

Sara Cross said...

I have done this also and had a blast! They are actually kind of fun to give as gifts! Make some funky colors, add some fablous gift wrap and voila! And you save a bunch of money. Ohhh...and saving from extra crayons going to waste!

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