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Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Pumpkin Patch Trip...

About 4:00pm on Friday...
Call from Rachael: "Do you guys want to carve pumpkins tonight?"
Me: "Sure!!"
Rachael: "We don't have pumpkins..."
Me: "Either do we... Lets go to the pumpkin patch (aka Ralphs)!"

Big kids decorate...
Little kids crawl all over eating craft supplies and pumpkins...
Little kids go to sleep and we put Big kids in front of the TV...
Dads and Moms get to carve!!
I paint "BOO" on some little pumpkins, decopogue old comics on one pumpkin and make 3 little bats with tiny pumpkins.
My hot hubby carves jack-o-lanterns on a pumpkin.
Rachael decorates a Halloween cat, creates a witch (the nose is a lime peel and the hair is orange peel strips dried up).
Jason freehands a scary vampire!


rachael said...

Sweet! Good times. Creative post!

That was SO MUCH FUN! I can only imagine it'll just keep getting better as the kids get older.

Jon and Melissa said...

Love that you called the pumpkin patch Ralph's. Only in CA. Are there real pumpkin patches?? I only know of something in Irvine. Forgot the name.

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