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Friday, October 17, 2008

Tomboy (aka girls) Halloween Tees

Pink (I know) but with a bit of edge! Just like the boy's Halloween tee, the Tomboy Halloween tee can be worn the week of Halloween or year round. Long sleeved 100% cotton pink thermal with an adorable heart fashioned to look like a skull sewn on the bottom left. AND because I just couldn't decide what I liked better, I created another option... three heart/skulls sewn front and center. The hearts are sewn on with contrast black thread and have black "awesomeness" sewn all over. Tee is pre washed and frayed around the edges of the hearts.

I think the Tomboy Halloween tee is super cute
and it is just $14!
The Tomboy Halloween tee comes in two sizes:
12-18 months

1 comment:

jami said...

super cute! now i just need to have a girl and then i will be all set!

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