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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do it yourself Halloween costumes...

Halloween is upon us... time to scramble for a costume!! Homemade Halloween's are the best and not just because you are saving $25 per person! You are also saving the trip to the costume/party store, the 2 hour wait in line and the practically pornographic costumes displayed EVERYWHERE!!!
Here is what we did this year...
Hot Hubby and I were nerds. Hot glue some pens into the pocket of an old (or thrift store) shirt add ties and taped up glasses. Done!
I had to make the pocket on my shirt, but I just hot glued it on. We popped out the lenses from Hot Hubby's sun glasses and I just went without contacts.
This is also good for that hubby that isn't really into dressing up!
Eli was a Firefighter. Black long sleeved tee, black pants, dress up fireman hat, and a little creative duct tape. Done!
I cut the badge out of duct tape too.
You can't see it in the pic, but there are duct tape stripes on the legs too.
It doesn't translate well in the photo but everyone thought this costume was store bought.
Cora was a Prima Ballerina. My mom found this onsie at Big Lots and we all have tights galore already. Done!
They also had firefighter and cowboy ones too. Those ones were super cute!!
Now go get creative...


Blessed Nest said...

so so cute, all of you!! We do the homemade thing too...Tabitha tends to change her mind daily between princess, butterfly, rock star..I'd get one bought and she would want another..she has dressed up all week in a different look? I'll let you know what she does on the big day. Sophie wants to be a monster..well,OK?

rachael said...

Way to go, super mommy!

Nissa said...

I love your thrifty, yet clever costumes! I am SO with you! I just want to know- how'd you get the duct tape sticky goo off your glasses afterwards??

Your little ballerina reminds me that I was going to post a tutu tutorial on my shop blog. I'll have to get on it!

Jessica Lewis said...

i LOVE love love your pictures with the explanations. You have such a fun family!

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