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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Matching is so in...

I think matching is awesome... and I don't mean cordinating... I mean full on same fabric dresses for the girls and same fabric button down shirts for the boys matching... parents included! I may have been meant to be a mom in 1983... oh well...

When I was preggers with Eli I shared my matching outfit fantasy with my Hot Hubby. He thought it was "lame" and said he would never do it. I countered back that I usually pick out his clothes for big events (don't we all) and he wouldn't even notice (till it was too late) that he was coordinating to a "T" with his son!

Kinda funny now that when my hot hubby is in charge of dressing his son somehow they are wearing the same color shirt.... mmmmm... I say.... you think matching is lame? Ha! You have been caught! He smiles and doesn't say a word... he doesn't have to... he is overflowing with pride for his boy.

Of course he wants that connection with his son. To me matching is like putting your banner over your little one. Saying this one is MINE and I love him. And I love him because he is MINE.

To our perfect (in our eyes) son and daughter, our banner over you is love!! We love you because you are ours.

Anyway, matching totally RULES!!!!!!


cherimarie2 said...

I think I will make pink beaded socks for your whole family to go along with the matching obsession!

P.S. I wish I could come over and be crafty with you!

Jon and Melissa said...

I totally match the fam too at times. It is in. I don't want the kids looking like ragamuffins. What is funny is easton now has an opinion so he will say
i don't want to wear that. Sometimes I let him wear whatever but if photos will be tken I put my foot down.

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