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Thursday, October 9, 2008

20% to Nie...

For the month of October in honor of Stephanie's favorite holiday, Halloween, Eli's Lids will be donating 20% of each sale to the Nie Nie Recovery Fund.
About a month ago, Stephanie and Christian Nielson were in a private plane crash and are now at the beginning of a long recovery process for severe burns. Christian is starting a rehabilitation program and Stephanie is still in a drug induced coma enduring multiple skin graft surgeries. They have 4 young children who are staying with loving family members.
Read Stephanie's delightful blog Nie Nie Dialogues
Read Nielson family updates C Jane (Stephanie's sister)


rachael said...

With work slowing down, I'm tempted to visit NieNie's blog - maybe for some personal inspiration, as well. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to dive in yet... soon, though. And cool that you're donating to the fund. Can we make purchases online now?

Jon and Melissa said...

I saw their blog on another blog I go to.I was crying when I read both blogs. What a love story. the whole thing is just gut-wrenching..The Sister and what she is doing man, what an inspiration!!!

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