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Friday, October 31, 2008

did a lot & played a lot...

What makes a "good day?"
For me it is a day that is playful AND productive!
You know those days when you can't help but think "I am such a good mom right now!" You got out the craft supplies, you read 100s of books, you had your kids help with lunch, you went to the park, you danced and sang and colored and...
You think "I got SO much done today!" You super glued that broken toy, you paid the bills, you wrote thank you notes, you exercised, you vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen, scrapbooked a few pages, planned dinner AND made an extra casserole for the new mom down the street...

"Playful only" days my dishes are still in the sink, play clothes on the bathroom floor and paper piles are everywhere (why the hay do I have so many!?!?!?), but my kids can't wipe the smiles off their faces.

"Productive only" days errands are completed, my chores are checked off, and my kiddos watch a lot of shows (educational, of course!).

Fortunately for my kids (unfortunately for my house) we seem to have more playful days.
But today.... aaaaaaa.... today.... was a perfect balance.
We danced and had a family sing along (they shake/pound instruments, I sing loud and off key), we played dough (though we did loose the green somewhere), we did bubbles, we slid slides, we snuggled (a lot!), we played baseball, we built with blocks...
I paid our car registration, squared away the taxes, laundry, blogged, send out Eli's Lids orders, called my grandmom, made 5 pounds of carrots into baby food, filed paper piles, finished a birthday gift, vacuumed...
Best of all the day is young! I still have time to play and do a lot more. And my Hubby will be home soon and well get to do some playing of our own!


rachael said...

What were you "on" today? ;-)

Congrats on a perfect day!

Eric and Lindsay said...

My goodness. I will never compare to you as a mother!

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