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Monday, October 20, 2008

Random baby food tips...

I haven't done a baby food blog in a while but rest assured I'm still making it. I have a few more tips to share in no particular order...
  • If the veggies I blend are too thick I used to use good old H2O to thin it down. Recently I had a few cucumbers and I thought "What the Hey? I'm throwing this thing in the blender" (because that is what I always think when I see a cucumber). The result was total watery greeness. Great for thinning down thick veggies and it has a bit more nutritional value than water. Plus I'm all about giving my little gal as many tastes as possible. I have also used grapes but if you do, be sure to fish out any skins that might be floating around!!
  • If you want to add a bit of healthy fat to make their coats gleam then hard boil some eggs and add the yoke (not the white!) into the blender. (Thanks for that tip Amber)
  • We have found that in the blender vs. food processor debate the blender wins hands down. No surprise big chunks of sweet potatoes for baby!
    • At your local warehouse store there should be giant bags of frozen veggies. Mine has a 5 pound bag of mixed veggies (corn, carrots, green beans and peas) for only $3.88. That makes a C$#% load of baby food!!! and the pieces are super small for little fingers when they can start to feed themselves.
    • FYI - baby food should only be kept in the fridge for about 3-5 days. So only make a bit at a time. I have gotten into such a grove that it doesn't take more that a couple of minutes to whip some up. I use the frozen veggies (mentioned above) so that speeds things up A LOT.
    No reason for this picture... except that I like it and Eli is in his Lid!


    Donna said...

    oh funny...I love that you laughed about where his left overs ended up! Have fun on your big night out!
    By the way my girls LOVE their lids. They had to wear them all day Sunday on our errands with their floral dresses...matching uh no because we picked the cool fall colors and today they had to show them off at our homeschool meeting. I think we love them and will advertise them!!
    Your contest will be up this coming weekend!

    jami said...

    I'm just starting baby food and these are great tips. thanks I appreciate your advice and tips

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