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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Long face...

  • "Why the long face Kara-Noel?"

Well, genetics plays a huge roll and I lost my camera. Yep, gone. Where? Who knows!!!

  • "It's just a camera KN!"
I don't mind the camera too much it's that thin little memory card I would sell a kidney for... well that is a bit extreme... BUT that card has some important events on it like my kids being cute AND my daughter and godson's dedication!!!!!!! Ug, I'm just sick about it. All I have eaten today is cookie dough! Seriously. That might be the reason for the sick feeling too. I did take a multi vitamin. Pity party of one.
I also promised to share an awesome craft yesterday (it really did turn out awesome... way better than in my head). But I didn't have a camera to take a picture and share with you. Pity party of one.
I also can't really blog without my camera. Though I think I'm hysterical (ha) I know my writing isn't all that fabulous so my pictures pretty much carry the story... though my pictures aren't that great either. Pity party of one.
Good thing I was reading Twilight to pass the time since I can't blog. Too bad Twilight wasn't very good. I think I expected a bit too much out of it because of all the hype. But for me the beginning and end were the only good parts. It was a bit too much Sweet Valley High meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets every vampire movie ever made. Pity party of one.

I am pretty excited about the Eli's Lids Blessed Nest Giveaway!! I can't believe so many people are entering. I love my Lids (I really really do!), but is sure is encouraging to see other people are digging them too.

My best friend Jami just called (no joke, this is a "real time" post) and I left the camera at her house.
I'll put up that great craft later tonight.
I can breath again!!!
I'm so dramatic today. Must be the cookie dough... or the multi vitamin!?!?!


rachael said...

I disagree. Twilight was good. Kept my attention, drew me into the story, had all the essential parts of a good plot, and was well-written. It's true love, like the Princess Bride and the Farm Boy, so who cares if the heroine is 17 or 27? And there was no slaying of vampires done on the part of the heroine (Buffy) and there was no slumber party or makeover (SVH). Okay, I'm just giving you a hard time. You're totally allowed to have your own opinion. I just won't let you borrow the sequel (or the sequel after that).

I'm so glad you found your camera. Life can now go on, and you can send me a pic of our kids smooching!!! :)


Aimee said...

Oh, I'm such a nerd! When I first read the beginning of this post I thought you said that you lost your mascara!

I'm so glad you found your camera though. That would have been a huge bummer to have lost your pictures!

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