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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crying in Frustration...

I can't click the links on blogs or twitter, ebay doesn't work, I can google but I can't click on links after the search...ug!
We have caught something... from Twitter, I think. Please help me if you know what to do... or google and email me with what to do. I'm going to sit here and cry... well I'm going to Bible study and then doing the dishes... but when the kids go down for a nap and I can't blog hop I'll be crying... well, I'll be organizing the paper work... but I'll be super bummed! Help!


Kimberly Eddy said...

Last month I had this annoying thing happen to me, and I am sorry to tell you that this just grows with time (if it is the same problem I had). There are two resources that did catch my virus/malware thing on my computer. The first is malwarbytes and the second one is avast, and they were both recommended by nerds I know well.

Unfortunately for me, i ignored it for too long, and wound up having to reformat my hard drive aand reinstall everything, because some of my key files were corrupted, and couldn't be reinstalled even after we cured the virus. I was one very unhappy camper. I was told that with this specific malware thingy, the more I rebooted my computer, the more damage it did.

JaMean said...

Wow. That is NOT good news. I wonder if that is what has happened to the computer in my living room. :(

Good Luck!

rachael said...

So sad... :'-(

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