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Friday, January 16, 2009

Nie is Back...

I have a favorite blog... it's called the Nie Nie Dialogues. The author, Stephanie Nielson was in a private plane crash with her husband (Christian) and a flight instructor. The instructor died but Stephanie and Christian survived. Stephanie has been in a drug induced coma for about 4 months enduring surgery after surgery while extended family watched her 4 young kiddos. Nie is awake, in the middle of a long burn recovery process, and today was her first day back on her blog. Stephanie is such an inspirational wife and mama... the kind of gal you just want to be friends with.
In honor Nie's return to the blogging world I decided to pay my respects by doing something Nie does...
I had gotten a hand orange squeezer thing at my wedding and never used it (but kept it around... just in case). I pulled it out along with my favorite cherry pitcher and got ready to squeeze my little heart out.This proved to be much more difficult than I expected with the hand squeezer thing... I began to examine it. "This sure is small and it is in a narrow oval shape... like a lemon!" That's right I am making fresh squeezed OJ with a lemon squeezer. But I pressed on cutting the oranges into 4 slices and kept it up.
I thought this was even more fitting because what began as something very Nie-esqu: making fresh squeezed OJ... turned into something
very Kara-Noel-esqu: a little off, kinda silly and always fun! The juice came out delicious! Eli (who can eat 7 oranges in one sitting... yes 7!!) loved it.
We are blessed!
Coming soon...
Awesome Recipes from Cheri
Hot Hubby's B-day Review
Eli's ER Escapade!
(btw- our computer still has limited access because of the virus so I apologize for not responding to comments. I'm going into withdrawal because I can't blog hop or post as often!)


JaMean said...

Uh-oh, ER Escapade? I don't have the paitence to squeeze oranges.

Eli...lol! 7 orange wedges pr full oranges? I bought those "Cutie" oranges or whatever when Ty was about 6 and he ate 5 of them. And I thought THAT was nuts...

rachael said...

Taking a quick hiatus from my tedious conundrum of paperwork that I have to finish and send off with UPS Saturday morning before our weekend fun... thought I'd visit your blog. I so can't wait until one day when I can read the Nie Nie Dialogues. Um, when I'm out of things that must be done... or when I really MUST procrastinate!

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