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Monday, January 12, 2009

Minivan Queen...

I'm a queen in my minivan
Today I made noodles for lunch in a pan

I hope insurance will cover the chiropractor
Eli got mail from Nana, stickers of a tractor

Ikea was out of bins used to organize mental clutter in the house
My kiddos are obsessed with Mickey Mouse

I like the puffy sleeves on my shirt
It's white, so soon it will be covered in dirt

My arms were bad, getting very flappy
Started February workout, now I'm happy

Eli and I watched cookies bake today
I hope he remembers how much we play

Cheerios crunch under my feet
Shall I vacuum or Tweet?

Going fabric shopping tomorrow with my mama
I want to find curtain fabric for a deal-o-rama

Cora poops in the tub every night
Time to snuggle, while Hot Hubby holds me tight


Donna said...

How ya doing? Love your pictures as usual! No orginiz. boxes at Ikea? Not good!
xo D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for my sweet comment! Your blog is FANTASTIC! Congrats on the new minivan!! [sorry about the reason why you had to get it though :( ] Love the pictures and fun stories... You seem to lead a fun and blessed life!

onangelwings said...

I love your blog. Seriously...I read a ton of blogs and this is so entertaining. I am not skipping over anything.

rachael said...

FUN poem!

Erin said...

Great post - the last part cracked me up! :)

arielle said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! :-) Your business is no neat.. I love your lids they are so cute :-)

Rachel said...

Too cute!!
That was very fun.

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