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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Organic Living ~ Baby Steps

Today's post written by Donna at Blessed Nest.

Just in case you're wondering....I am by no means a nutritional or "green" expert. I am a mom who cares about my family's well being ( just like you) and have learned from experience...

Life is the best teacher!

My approach to organic living is a bit different then you may see around the blogosphere. I am not crunchy, so to speak. I recycle (but who doesn't in California). I would love to start a compost this year because it is such a cool science experiment for my homeschooled kids plus my garden can use all the help it can get. I'm a common sense kinda gal. Eating organic (non-processed food), creating a non-toxic environment for my kids to live in (so they will not have breathing difficulties) and respecting the Earth God has given to us just makes sense to me.
Walk with me on my organic journey.....

YOUR CHALLENGE FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY: If you are not leading a organic lifestyle but would love to start somewhere....take High Fructose Corn Syrup out of your diet. It is a big step but in the right direction. It's the first thing I did 4 1/2 years ago and I don't miss it AT ALL!When I think of organic living; I think of healthy living. My journey towards an organic lifestyle began when I had severe stomach issues and went to a nutritionist. The first thing she said was to leave out all products containing High Fructose Corn Syrup (not to be confused with natural fructose in fruits). HFCS is a manufactured product that is used in almost all processed foods. I found this out when I began to read labels. Another comment that my nutritionist said was that "HFCS is the worst possible thing you can give to children." It is like injecting sugar right into their blood stream. It goes right to the blood stream, not metabolizing , causing mood swings in children. I won't get into the debate as to nutrition verses emotional well being but I will say this....My children act completely different (in a bad sort of way) when they have had foods with HFCS.

About the weight debate.... I think a lot of things contribute to obesity in our society but what I do know is by simply cutting out HFCS in my diet; I have lost 45 pounds in 3 1/2 years without dieting. I Simply cut out HFCS and processed, bleached flours such as white flour.(Having two children in 3 years at age 37 and 39 took a tole on my body. My baby weight was not going bye bye) ugh so turning to an organic lifestyle, helped my body to get what it needs and I feel great! The weight stays off because it is a lifestyle not a diet!

My friend Heather cuts HFCS out of her diet for yet another reason. Heather suffers from debilitating migraines. She researched the connection between HFCS and migraines and decided to cut it out of her diet. She has been migraine free ever since. When she accidentally eats a food with HFCS in it; the migraine immediately flairs up.

My favorite link this week... A wonderful article written about HFCS at Epinions.

Up and coming posts will include practical tips for going green at home , creating a Eco environment on a budget as well as Eco tips for creating a organic nursery on a budget and the benefits for you and your baby!
Xo Donna

Donna is the of VP Sales/Marketing for Blessed Nest Inc (one of the first products I got to review!) Blessed Nest has created a nursing pillow like you have NEVER seen before... because it totally works! She is also a homeschooling mama of two beautiful girls and a certified Lid Lover!
See her fantastical (yes, that says fantastical) blog here.


Blessed Nest said...

What cute little girls...hehe
Thank you my friend for this fun opportunity!


Jon and Melissa said...

Love this. we are majorly on the whole journey of living more holistic, healthier lifestyle, green, and raising our kids to be clean healthwise and nutritonally in a unclean world. Good to see more and more people going "green" and making wise choices for their kids. It will for sure be better in the long run. HFCS scares me as much as PHO. YUCK!!!

Ann Kroeker said...

Have you seen King Corn?

This is a great post pointing out how much HFCS we ingest. Thanks for a single step we can take to experience greater health in 2009.

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

Wow. I just hung on every single word of this post! I am on board. Bye Bye HFCS. I also have migraines. I wonder what the result will be.

I think I eat pretty healthily. Moreso now than I did a few months ago, even. But I wonder how much HFCS is in my diet. I don't ever read labels.

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