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Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm sure you have heard me mention Blessed Nest a few times! Blessed Nest did our first blog review and giveaway. Not only do the Blessed Nest Gals rock but their blog is awesome AND they offer some amazing products!! Can you tell I think they're great?!?!

The Nesting Pillow is so much more than just a nursing pillow! You can use this thing for years and it's durable "made to last" quality will keep it fresh through pregnancy, nursing, co-sleeping, tummy time and as your growing child's (or your) pillow!! It is filled with buckwheat hulls which make it possible to move around like a bean bag and find the perfect position. It will conform to you and hold the position you want. The fabric is gorgeous (no lame puppies or fire engines) and it is all 100% organic, (except for some of the banding, which is 100% cotton) allowing air to circulate and keep everyone cool. The slip cover is removable so you can keep it sparkling clean after spit-up and poop explosions! Read about a gazillion good comments here.
They also sell The Nest Egg (how cute is that name!?!) which can compliment the nesting pillow or be used on it's own. Toddlers love it for sleeping, sitting or to make car rides cozier. It's small and lightweight enough to take along for support and comfort on the go!
All Blessed Nest products are lovingly handmade in America, and whenever possible they use materials from sustainable, organic and/or domestic mills.

<---This my friend Donna over at Blessed Nest with her two beautiful daughters. Donna and her girls are official "Lid Lovers." Check out Eli's Lids (along with some other great gifts) on their Christmas Gift Guide. And really, you should subscribe to their blog... they are always giving great tips and having fun giveaways!!!

1 comment:

Blessed Nest said...

wow- one of my most favorite reviews!! You're Wonderful! xoxox
yes, we are loving our lids!!!

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