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Friday, November 28, 2008

What did you for Thanksgiving?

Did your Hot Hubby get the kids up and make chocolate chip waffles while you slept in till 8am?

Did your little family pile up in mommy and daddy's bed to snuggle and read books?
Did you cozy up on the couch with a glass of tea and didn't care that your house looked like this?

Did you show your son some awesome puddles to jump in and your neighbor said "They always get dirty when they are dressed up" and then she looked shocked when you told her he jumped in on your suggestion?

Did you take the token pictures around the table of your dinner guests?

Did your daughter Houdini herself out of her high chair to climb on the dinner table?
Did you sit on (and crush) a little stacking doll that you Grandmother had received as a gift from missionaries in Poland?
Did Auntie Sarah take over and broke a sweat while playing with your kiddos?
Did you play play play?

Did you do a silly Indian craft? (found it here)
Did your daughter walk more than she ever has before? (Probably because GG was secretly giving her whip cream)

WOW!! So did we :)


Adam and Jami said...

You underestimate the power of hot tea in a glass, Jami and I do it all the time. Less refills! P.S. Jami updated her blog!

Nissa said...

That looks like an awesome day!

Wish my hubby'd make me waffles while I slept in.. maybe I'll have to send him the link to this post as a good hint! ;)

I recognize Cora's bow! Yay!

rachael said...

GREAT post! Love it.

And POOR stacking doll.

And FUN indian (ahem - native american) craft!

And CUTE CUTE pics of the kids.


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