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Monday, November 24, 2008

Flower Power...

I bought some vinyl/oil cloth (what's the difference?) to make vintage lunch sacks for my kiddos, then my friend Rachael told me that Babies R Us had lunch sacks for $3.49 (what a steal!). I had to liven it up a bit... good thing I had gotten that vinyl (oil cloth?). You can do this too! Use this simple pattern (or make up your own) to spice up a lunch sack, diaper bag, picture frame, scrapbook... anything!
When I started to do the zig-zag around the edges I wanted it to be perfect... they weren't... so it turned shabby chic. I ended up really liking the messy/funky look better!I was going to do a straight stitch in a spiral to make the center. Free handing a circle was a lot harder than I thought it would be... after three failed attempts (see above), I opted for a zig-zag. It was much more forgiving and I think it added to the funky look.

I love the way this turned out! Later that night Cora ripped the flower off the lunch sack. I'm going to re glue it AND hand sew it on later today. Lesson: If you need more stay-power, sew it on as well as hot glue for extra durability!


Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

How cute! I just bought a sewing machine a couple months ago and am still figuring out the different stitches. The zigzag stitch is one I need to get to know better.

gail said...

found you thru blissfully domestic. love the tutorial. and i think the shabby chic flower looks way better than a perfect flower.

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