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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We voted... did you?

Here is our voting adventure...A highlight every election is the house we vote in. Let me tell you... the owner is a piece of work. I have never seen him but his decor is quite memorable! Every wall in the voting room (his living room) is covered in art.
"Art? (you're thinking)... What's so wrong with that?"
I would classify this "art" as 70s porn. Yes, you read that right 70s porn. I'm talking naked (yes, full on naked) pictures everywhere. There are statues too!
Oh dear!
Cora is rocking her Eli's Lids Halloween tee...
Eli looks sharp in his Eli's Lids tie tee...


Eric and Lindsay said...

Eli looks like he is taking care of some...Ahum, "business" while petting the cat. He he.

He is so handsome in the Eli's Lids Shirt! I need one of those for Noah!

I love that you make everything a big event. How fun for your children to remember those things as fun.

Your a good Mama!

Olivia said...

I voted too! It was the first time Eric and I could VOTE in a presidential election!

rachael said...

What size font do you use on your photoshopping? I don't have time for trial and error :) I've been playing around w/ Paint though. Fun! (Like, you know, in all my spare time!)

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