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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mom's Prayer... by KN

Burn in my memory our "do-nothing-days." Those days when I'm less likely to take a picture. Days when we build blanket forts...

Days when they are just silly...Days when we pile up on Mommy and Daddy's bed for a good jump...
Days when we learn new things.
Let me recall from my memory my baby's perfect face...
...oh those silly-perfect faces they make!!
I'm so thankful for the spirit of exploration and wonder that you have given my children!
Burn in my mind the way they are in this moment... this very moment... right now... not posing for the camera... just playing... just sitting... just being...

All those times they disagree... And especially the times when they look so sweet.
Lord, let me remember today!

1 comment:

rachael said...

Good perspective. Thanks for the reminder.

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