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Thursday, January 8, 2009

ALL the "stuff" in my house...!!

We have a lot of "stuff," mainly toys.
This is what the toy chests looked like before Christmas... Then the Christmas toy train took a dump and we were left with even more...
Mind you we only got our kiddos three gifties each. Eli - guitar, shoes and a card game. Cora - book, DVD and shoes (ahem... Nana and Nonno!).
It was time to purge and find a new way to organize!
We found this little beauty on Craig's List for $20 from the nicest family ever!!
(BTW Craig's List is the best site ever for buying and selling locally, check it out!)
I got some bins and Wa-La! All the little stuff goes in here and the big stuff can be stowed away in the toy chests above.
I still need to do some organizing and a bit more purging but at least Eli isn't overwhelmed with the toy mountain and my mental clutter is gone.
And I'm sure I'll be doing some sort of cuteness with this thing in the weeks to come... I'm excited!!
Thanks for looking at the things in my house! I would love to see what's in yours... Join this Linky here and share the Things In Your House!!


cherimarie2 said...

I love that organizer! Does she have another one for $20 that she will ship to Illinois?

MSM said...

Those do look like fun toys, just a lot of them! Wow, you do very well with your 3-gift limit; of course I can see how you 'get away with' that : )

The organizer is perfect! I know what a good feeling that is to find THE perfect bargain and solution.

Thanks for participating in Things In My House Thursday!! It's fun to see what other people have in their homes and how they use it.

Anonymous said...

Love it. I'm all about organization. it looks like the one in the living room. Good matching! -Jami

JaMean said...

I LOVE organization!! Problem in my house is: I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES!

I can clear a room like a pro, and my 4 tornadoes rip right back through it instantly. I thought for sure they would outgrow that when they were like 7 or 8...

Here we are going on 12 and 11 and 11... Maybe for Mother's Day I can get my kids to clean and re-organize! ** ha ha ha **

Muddy said...

That's really nice. I've looked on Craigs list from time to time, not really seeing anything I needed...perhaps it's time to take another look.

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

LOL! I remember those days very well! My two youngest are 17 and nearly 20, so the mess is different. Such fond memories, though, and you'll agree with me one day. :D

Courtney from mommie blogs said...

we have so many toys now too. and I only have one little one, which we don't really buy many toys for (I know we are bad parents). but our families go crazy buying for him. we will be purging too.

p.s. thanks for popping by my blog.

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