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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday + ER = F-U-N!!

Brad took the actual day of his birth off work to go snowboarding. This has become a tradition because it's free on your birthday. Snow had just fallen and he had the best time (we love you Jeff!!).
While he was snowboarding we made him his birthday cake...
I love the way the mini layer cake looks...
The plan was to make Hot Hubby's favorite...chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
I was out of chocolate frosting... ug!
I have whipped frosting... yeah... he LOVES whip. After I started frosting the cake I noticed it was cream cheese whipped... ug!
Brad doesn't like cream cheese frosting... ug!
I never knew this was the beginning of foiled plans...

Brad got home from snowboarding and took a birthday nap. I was going to surprise him with dinner at Disneyland, complete with the big bag of kettle corn to snack on while we strolled the park and rode kiddie rides.
Then there was a scream...
Eli had been sitting on the counter with my awesome cousin Olivia, and fell. In the time it took to pick him up he had a HUGE bump... it looked like a blue and red golf ball was embedded on the front of his forehead.
I was cuddling him and Brad suddenly said, "Eli is falling asleep try to keep him awake."
Eli wouldn't wake up.
To say that I was freaking out is an understatement!
We loaded up and headed to the ER... Eli was lethargic the whole time falling asleep as I tried to keep him awake...
We were really scared :(
We got to the ER, and as soon as we got out of the car Eli was just dandy. REALLY! He was running around, making the whole waiting room laugh, pretending to be a choo choo train... with the embedded golf ball on his forehead.
We decided to stay and get a scan because he had been so out of it earlier.
Sigh of relief!
But we didn't get out till 10pm... too late for the birthday surprise :(
The following week my sporty Hubby decided to take his friends paintballing for his birthday party. They shot at each other all day then enjoyed Tri-Tip for lunch!
Testosterone was a flowing!
Nothing like shooting the ones you love...

They were banged up, bruised and covered in welts... they were MEN!
Hot Hubby got home, and the kiddos and I let him have a (much needed) 2 hour nap, then we took him to our favorite pizza joint (Haus of Pizza in Huntington - for all you local readers!).
Now I'm sure you are all wondering what I got Hot Hubby for his birthday... I shall not include the details... but he liked it... wink...


Kimberly Eddy said...

He just needed what we Eddy's call a "therapeutic car ride". ;) There's something that happens between home and the emergency room that has healing powers we can't imagine.

I was really expecting it was your hubby at the ER since ER and snowboarding go together.

I am so thankful that Eli is doing well, and is recovering.

Melissa said...

That sounds like and adventurous day. Glad your little boy is okay. Nothing ever goes as planned with kids around.

rachael said...

Happy birthday, B-RAD! :) We're glad you were born! ~ the Woodall fam

Schultz Family said...

I dont run the Hip homemaker... Let me talk to her and let you know... but i was going to ask if you wanted to be a contributer to my Creativity Shared blogspot... You are so creative...

Anonymous said...

Lots of excitement in your house! I'm glad you little guy is ok. Both my kids have knocked themselves out cold and I've panicked each time...even called 911. So scary.

Everybody looked like they had a great time paintball fighting. I've always wanted to try this, at least once.

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