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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dolls Rock!

I love dolls.
I loved them growing up.
When I'm shopping I always seem to take a quick jaunt down the purple and pink aisle just to see the cuteness there.
Now I have a daughter.
I hoped she would love dolls... but I didn't want to "make" her like them.
For Christmas Cora Jane got her first baby doll from her Godparents.
She LOVED it!!
I found Baby be Blessed while cruising the Internt... how cute these dolls!!?!?!?!?? My favorite thing is that you can completely customize your doll to look like your child! And they print a scripture of your choice on a patch for the doll's tummy. We choose a verse for each of our kiddos and this would be such an awesome (tangible) way to show them the verse daily!!

I got the chance to talk (email) with Tina who does a bit of everything at Baby Be Blessed...
How did the journey of Baby Be Blessed begin...
Baby be Blessed actually officially opened the online doors on January 1, 2008 but had been on my heart for a long time. I could probably write a book about my venture of getting to this time of my life. It has been a great and very hard journey...but to keep my answer direct and pointed toward truth, Baby be Blessed began when the Lord laid on my heart to give everything in my life to Him. It started with all my hurts, which took a long time to heal (He still is working on some), but I knew He desired more from me and my life. As a stay at home Mommy I made dolls on and off for many years and sold them online. They were primitive dolls and in 2007 started making dolls for children. But yet I knew there needed to be more... I looked at a doll I was holding in my hand and prayed over it. I asked that if it was His will that He would allow me to do this to glorify Him. By His leading, scripture was added to the belly of each doll after that. Early in the year, the Lord gave me my Laura, who works side by side with me in everything and many others that help with cutting, sewing and shipping. Though this ministry started with what the Lord placed on my heart, it has grown to include many hands and feet of Christ. 2008 was a year full of blessings in which we humbly give thanks to the one we know they are from. We pray that our eyes would always be focused on truth and the work which is laid before us.
Your fabric choices are awesome! Where do you find them and how do you choose your prints?
Our fabrics are chosen by what catches my eye... We purchase them through a few of great companies, but mainly Minky Delight and Fat Quarter Shop. Fabrics are a great passion of mine...I love all sorts of styles and always ready to add the latest collection to our fabric gallery!
What is the difference between the custom dolls and the personalized dolls?
Custom dolls are completely designed by you! You get to choose everything... the style, fabrics, hair color, personalization and scripture!
I have noticed you do a monthly Blessed Recipient. Can you talk about what that is all about?
Our Give a Blessing is simply reaching out and giving as many blessings to other's as we can! Showing the love of Christ to another and lifting each other up in prayer during a time of need!! Our Give a Blessing Recipient is a child/family/person who is going through a difficult time. We support them through prayer, encouraging others to pray and also by the financial support our customers provide throughout that month. Our recipient is chosen by the Lords leading. Giving and reaching out to as many people we can is so strong on our heart! May Christ be glorified through it!
What inspires you?
I pray it's obvious that first and foremost, I want Christ to be our inspiration! His character of serving and loving others is what we desire. But He does place things in my path that inspires me and allows me to put things together the way I do. Sometimes it is through my children. Our little Emma doll is fashioned after my little Lola and her wild sense of style. Fabrics also inspire me and get me excited about putting things together in a different way

Thank you Tina for giving my little blog the time of day!! I LOVE your dolls and I can't wait to get one for Cora Jane.


Anonymous said...

I love these dolls! What a great concept for a doll. I've never heard of them before, but now I can't wait to get one for my little girl. Thanks for introducing me!


Schultz Family said...

these dolls are awesome... they are so cute... KaraNoel my email addy is bunnyfofi@yahoo.com i emailed Laurie in re to Hip homaker, but I would love to have you contribute to the Creativity shared blog... you are awesome... Korie

Schultz Family said...

KN sounds great just email me and i will add you as a contributor... Good luck... wink wink

Jon and Melissa said...

These dolls rock I saw them on Bring the rain's blog http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com, (I love this blog and everytime I go to it I cry, her story is awesome) back in December. I plan to get Makenlee one for her b-day in April w/ her life verse on the tummy. So darling. Stuff like this makes me so glad I have a girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! Stinkin' adorable!

Erin said...

What a great idea! I may have to get one of those for my girl...she loves dolls too!

Suz Broughton said...

Adorable! Now I have to get one.

rachael said...

This is SO COOL! I think I'll put a link to your post on my blog to spread the word! (and maybe hint to the grandparents - haha)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love these...aren't they the best??

xo Lidy

Sarah said...

awesome dolls!

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