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Monday, March 1, 2010

Wish it was a Taga ride...

Confession: I'm kinda a lazy gal. If I can get more than one thing done at the same time, I'll do it!!
We had a wagon walk with 3 objectives:
#1 Get the kiddos out. (Cabin fever from the two days of rain... we are so weather spoiled in the OC!)
#2 Errands at the grocery store.
#3 Exercise for mommy.

 Objective #1 Get kiddos out - COMPLETE!
Kiddos were out and running. We climbed and played and got sufficiently worn out for naps. (Also, a little too worn out for a "pleasant" shopping experience... more below.)
Eli always picks me flowers. I can't wait to give him to his lovely bride someday. If he is anything like his daddy (and he will be) he's gonna be the best hubby ever!
Objective #2 Errands - Complete. But with casualties...
We did make it to the store. But I kept knocking down displays with my hard-to-maneuver wagon and the kiddos kept hopping out to climb on the patio furniture. At one point, unbeknownst to me, Cora Jane was standing in the wagon and I gave it a firm tug.
She ate it! 
Then screamed the whole rest of the shopping trip. Not fun.
Objective #3 Exercise- INCOMPLETE! Arrgggg!
Since we played and walked at about .3 MPH there was no exercise for mommy. I probably did burn calories in the store trying to get everything as fast as possible with Cora Jane screaming. BUT that was counterproductive because the stress/embarrassment probably took a couple of years off my life expectancy!
The whole ordeal trip took over an hour.
I'm sure it didn't help much that I had seen this little ditty at the Silicon Valley Moms Group event a week ago...
I did it.
Here is a picture of the lovely Carla Duharte Razura of Baby JJ Design riding on one and the pic she took of me while riding... 
Can you imagine?
I'm riding my Taga.
We could stop off now and then for some nature fun.
I could convert that thing to a stroller when we got into the store. 
Quick in and out. (FYI - there is ample room for shopping goodies in the bottom of that thing!)
Then maybe off to the lake for a few calorie burning laps before heading home.
I could even use this for the too-far-to-walk-but-still-super-close-to-home trips.
You know the kind... It takes longer to load/unload/load/unload the kiddos than it takes to drive there!!
Too bad I was just imagining.
I want one!
Don't you??

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The Pascua Family said...

love it!! The fun of multi-tasking and then watching it all unfold into chaos..hahaha :) ...and I'm seriously loving that stroller..hmmm I'll have to talk John into that one :)

Ashley said...

Jenny climbed up to the computer while I was reading this, so I "introduced" her to Eli and Cora Jane. I told her that Eli was the one sending her all the pillowcases. She decided he needed to live closer to us! :)

CPRMom said...

The Taga is way cool! I would love one, but can't imagine the price tag! We're too far to really walk/bike to the store... and then there is the highway to consider... but it would be fun for around town & to and from school.

brian@tagabikes.com said...

It was great meeting everyone at the LA Mom's Event. We were so happy to share the Taga story with everyone. Please ask me any questions you have about Taga. Can't wait for our next trip to LA after coming back to ANOTHER blizzard in Philly...ARRGGH.

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your adventures. I miss those with mine. I think they have most of their adventures now without my knowledge.....and mom thinks that's a good thing.

Karen Eileen

Sarah said...

Sorry, but I love my BOB. It completely blocks the kiddos from sunshine (less sunblock to purchase), easy to push, fits every doorway, and the big tires help when four-wheelin' (usually only when I'm taking up the whole sidewalk and someone needs to pass.

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