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Monday, June 15, 2009

Kristen's Custom Creations

I have something new.
You may have noticed me wearing it the night Hot Hubby filled my Love Tank.
If not:
I have always wanted a custom "Mom" necklace, but I have never liked what I saw out there. Until I found Kristen's Custom Creations on Twitter (of all places)!
She has loads of awesome styles, or if you are picky (like me) you can create your own custom combination.
I got to chat with her...
How did you start making jewelry?
I have always loved jewelry and have been making jewelry as a hobby for many years. When I had my son I wanted something really unique and after a lot of practice and prototypes I created a simple necklace with my kiddos name on one disc and proud mama on the other disc. I started giving similar necklaces as gifts to friends and family and from there started receiving requests, my hobby turned into a little business!
You have the cutest phrases on your charms. How do you come up with them?
Many of my phrases come from my son, for example we often go back and forth saying “I Love You More” and “I Love You To The Moon And Back”, when a cool phrase pops in my head I jot it down in my sketch pad and eventually it just may become a new necklace design.
What are your most favorite creations?
My favorite pieces are the Triple Grande Hammered Initial necklace, “I Love You More Than All The Stars In The Sky” and the “I Love You To The Moon And Back” with Will’s name disc.
What is the funniest custom order you have received?
I have stamped the numbers from LOST and many Twitter addresses!
What inspires you?
Just about everything but mostly my son Will and my friends and family. I hope that my jewelry will hold special meaning for others so often create pieces that hold special meaning for myself and hope that it will do the same for others.
Kristen Andrews is the owner and sole designer of Kristen’s Custom Creations. Kristen spent 11 years working for a large fortune 500 recruiting firm in various roles. After her son's birth she wanted a necklace that was really unique and couldn't find it so she decided to design her own. Kristen started giving similar necklaces as gifts to friends and family and from there she was receiving so many requests she decided to open Kristen’s Custom Creations. Kristen’s Custom Creations specializes in creating custom hand stamped sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Her creations make perfect gifts for just about anyone who would cherish a handmade one of a kind piece of jewelry.
Each month Kristen selects a charity to design a specific necklace for and gives a portion of the proceeds for each necklace sold. To see more about her current charity selection go here.
To see Kristen blogging go here.
To see Kristen’s collection please go here.
To follow Kristen on Twitter go here.


junglewife said...

How beautiful!

I have a similar necklace that Dan gave me last year for Mother's Day. It also has two circles (but they have holes in the middles) with the girls' names, and then a pearl. Natalie always plays with it whenever I wear it, touching the circles and saying "This one says Natalie, this one says Claire and (touching the pearl) this one says Mommy!" :-)

Kristen Andrews said...

thanks for the fab feature and the necklace looks great on you!

samantha said...

im going to order one that says Bean on it!

rachael said...

So cool! I love your necklace!

JaMean said...

I have one simiiar to yours, but mine has 4 name tags! lol I think it's a bit much. It's gorgeous with 1 or 2 charms. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I love her! She's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Very cute things! Thanks for introducing us to Kristen.


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