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Monday, June 22, 2009

Tricky Block Clean-Up

Getting Eli to pick up his blocks is a huge pain in the arse... so now I trick him into it.
Bad parenting?
Oh well!
I say "Eli, now it's time to build the tallest tower of all!!"
He gathers every block to make the awesomest creation ever.
Then Mommy only has to put one giant "block" back into the block bag. Not such bad parenting... right?


MaryAnne said...

that's my style of parenting :)

Mommy Daisy said...

Very clever! I love it!

Kristen Andrews said...

love it! that is what I do sometimes.

AJ and Aly said...

that's so smart!!

The Rogers Family said...


Donna ~Blessed Nest said...

I'd say creative parenting! I play tricks all the time to get things done! You're a smart momma!

Anonymous said...

Very clever! You are a smart mommy.

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