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Friday, July 31, 2009

Swim Trunk Save

We use a lot of hand-me-downs!
(Thanks Domino Family...

Eli has two pairs of swim trunks from the cute kiddos above, but the elastic went brittle on both of them.
Which means while swimming they just fall off.
Here is Eli at the lagoon wearing the required rubber shorts sans swim trunks...
Hot Hubby was not happy his son looked like a total dork!
Off to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up some wide elastic... only $1.29 a yard. (I used way less but I always get extra when I do a project so I don't have to make another trip!)
I just added elastic to the back inside of the trunks.
Here are my figures:
After I finished the first pair I made some changes to the elastic length on the second pair.
The second pair was better.


Fold the elastic in half and put a pin there to mark your spot.
Find the center on of the back of the trunks and line them up with the pin.
Hold both centers.
Pull the elastic taunt.
Do the same with the second half.

When you are done the trunks will curl up a bit. You can prevent this by ripping out the old elastic... but for me, it just wasn't worth the time!

Instead of spending $10 (minimum) on 1 new pair of swim trunks I spent under $2 reviving 2 pairs!!
Mending things is a GREAT way to save money. I've been known to mend jeans, tees and even underwear!!!


Jon and Melissa said...

I used to love the Domino hand me downs...good resourcefullness for salvaging them....I wish I sewed to do that kind of stuff.

Hot Hubby said...

Have I ever told you that you are so crafty? Thx for makin' the most of what we have.

Donna ~Blessed Nest said...

You're amazing...want to write a post for the perch about living debt free? xoxo

Angry Julie Monday said...

Great job momma!!! You need to send me his size. I can purge Angry Toddler's closet....:)

casual friday every day said...

So neat! I just love your captions for the photographs, too ;)


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