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Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm into Owls right now...

I saw this little ditty while clicking around Etsy.
I want it :)It's from F1nneran Jewelry and ALL her stuff is just to die for!!

Coming Soon:
~Another tip from the one and only Suzie Says...
~OC Bloggers Ball
~Lids go Camping
~Remember when Carnival is back! I had to stop because the Linky site I was using was just NEVER working. I switched to MckLinky and have loads of fun in store!! Tomorrow I'll reveal the topic... though it shouldn't be a surprise if you have been involved before :)


casual friday every day said...

That is calling my name out too! How unique and beautiful.


rachael said...

Geez... if only money grew on trees (or on that adorable little branch). Her stuff is SUPER cute!

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