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Monday, August 24, 2009

4 Disney Nights...

Being faithful OC residents means you have Disneyland passes.
I've had one most of my life.
Our passes were about to expire and Eli is turning 3, which means we have to shell out the dough for a pass for him. It's going to be some time before we get passes again.
I suggested to Hot Hubby that we should go every night the week our passes expire (as a joke!).
Hot Hubby said, "Great idea!!"
So we did.

I packed sandwiches, we hopped in the van and headed out for a night of fun! We started with our beloved Kettle Corn. I love this stuff... I just can't stop shoveling it in my mouth.
I absolutely look ridiculous eating it... see...

We went on the rockets for the 1st time then hit up Eli's all time favorite, Casey Jr and ended the night with the Carousel.
Day one was a success and we were giddy with our week of Disney challenge.


Day 2 we were fresh and felt more than cool that we were going everyday of the week! We couldn't have sandwiches for dinner every night so I packed ravioli (fyi: not the best car food).
We took the kiddos pix with the giant letters out front to spell their names!! They have every letter except for "E" so we are going to photoshop it (better than the one here).


This time we headed over to California Adventure and went on every ride in The Bugs Life Land (Brad and Cora on the spinning Ladybugs below) and watched the Electrical Parade for the first time. If you are visiting California Adventure the Electrical Parade is a "must do."

I'm going to be honest Day 3 was hard. We were tired and the kiddos were a bit strung out from two late nights in a row. But off we went for another evening at the "happiest place on earth." We played catch in the car with a wadded up napkin. The night was starting out so fun, little did we know...

The park was CROWDED, and we saw Nicolas Cage. I felt bad for him because he couldn't walk 2 steps without being stopped for pictures with tourists. We inched our way into the park and saw the Corn Dog stand everybody and their mother has told us are "amazing" (Rob Howards). Every time we walk by, there is a line long line so it must be good, right? No, it was awful!! It made Hot Hubby sick.

We wandered the park and every ride we went to was either closed or had a 3 hour line. It stunk. Then as a last stitch effort for a ride we tried to go on the train that goes around the park... closed!
Conductor Gordan saw Eli's long face and took pity on our sad party. He brought us backstage and showed us how the steam engine works and sprayed steam all over... awesome!
As we were walking to our car the fireworks started and we watched them from the top of the structure. It was awesome and an amazing close to a not so awesome and amazing night.
Day 4, and the last day because Friday night is date night and we don't mess with date night.
Cora kept putting on her own Lid... it cracked us up! Eli pushed Cora off a giant letter... it didn't crack us up!

First we went on the giant Farris Wheel in California Adventure. It is so high and I was scared that there was going to be an earthquake and we would go plummeting to earth. Then we went on the Toy Story ride; the wait is long but so worth it.

I'm thinking that we will make this a yearly tradition when our passes are about to expire!
It was a lot of work.
But these faces made that time a priceless treasure...


Aimee said...

i LOVE Disneyland! Lawrence finally agreed that we could get passes again! So I went off to Costco this morning to buy the discount annual passes....only to find out that morning they had been shipped back to Disney. Thank goodness Lawrence isn't emotional or irrational and had the common sense to tell me to call around other stores to see if they still had passes. I was skeptical because the lady told me all the Costco's sent their tickets back. But alas! The Tustin Costco is my hero and they still had discount annual passes for sale! Woohoo! I'm finally an annual pass holder again. The End (of my very long comment....sorry!!)

Amber said...

Oh how I miss dland...PS is a bit of a bummer in theme park department...and I promise youthis, Solomon does not go a week without asking me to go on dumbo and casey jr :( I miss CA!!!

Schultz Family said...

yeah Matthew Doesnt care for the Corn dogs... Rather they do not like him at all... He always gets sick afterwards... Looks like you all had a great time....

junglewife said...

Too fun! I'm sure the kids had a great time - probably spent a few days recovering afterwards :-) Sounds like a great annual tradition! Love your pics and commentary!!!

Matt said...

Brad I feel for you on the corn dogs. I get headaches after eating them. Too much grease!


Aracely--Daytrippingmom said...

You crack me up! What a fun challenge! Your comments and pictures are awesome.

count me in as a Disney fanatic that isn't too crazy about those corndogs :)

Michele-Play Parks said...

Love this post! We just went ONE night on Friday for Summer Nightastic and I'm still recovering. I can't imagine 4 nights in a row. The kiddos look so cute.

Suz Broughton said...

This is such a great idea!! We had to let our passes run out, too. It gets too expensive. I'm glad you made the most of it :)

Frugalissa said...

I heart DL...We had so much fun when we visited in March. If we still lived there we'd have passes too. We did for awhile when we lived there before we had Easton. It sure does make it better then paying out the kazoo for a day pass and if lines or long and it is crowded it is not a complete waste of $$ since you can come back at another time. We used to do date nights there...

Sam said...

you guys are like my heros! 4 nights!!

Andrea@shopbyog said...

So cool! We just did that with our Legoland passes. What a fun memory...great photos too!

rachael said...

great post =)

dana said...

The Kettle Corn!!! That's my main reason for going to Disneyland! And so few people know about it. They often settle for the junky caramel popcorn stuff inside the park. No gracias.
We're moving to Texas in a week and I'm actually thinking of driving to downtown Disney just to pick some up!
Fun blog you have. Thanks for stopping by MADE. :)
- dana

Angry Julie Monday said...

Ok, that's funny that you write this post. We went to Disneyland twice last week and SeaWorld. I'm writing my post right now...

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