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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just Spotted hosted the OC Blog awards at Wowzville.
"What the hay is Wowzville (you're thinking)???!?!?!"
The short answer: A Kid's Party Venue.
The long (and funner) answer:
Geoff, the owner/creator (and daddy to 2 girls) used to work for a little company (called NASA) then ventured out to start his own business... Wowzville!
He spent about 2 years writing the code for the interactive games in each of the themed rooms: Fairyland, Racing Zone, Space Adventure & Crime Division.
Wowzville is geared toward school age kiddos (though Eli and Cora Jane had a blast) and is reasonably priced (Check the FAQs section under Services).

Racing Zone - 8 races can go on at once and the race is projected on the walls. Larger than life FUN!

Space Adventure and the Crime Division are in the same room (but not at the same time). Everything is interactive and the way things play out are different every time!

We spent the greater part of the evening in Fairyland (which is why we missed the Dippin' Dots Cart... you owe me DippinDotWoman... and I won't forget!). This room is awesome, complete with loads of dress up stuff... I may or may not have slipped a tiara in my purse. (Of course I didn't take one... you thought I stole a tiara!?!)

My pictures don't do this place justice and honestly neither do the ones on their site. (Geoff - Gina, Jen or my new friend Tammy can help you out with that!)
Of course the gals from Just Spotted (Kelly & Coleen) wouldn't let us leave without favors! Some Smart Girls Who Surf chemical free Sunscreen & Daddy Cakes Pancake and Waffle Mix. It comes in yummy flavors, I got Glamorous Gingerbread and Sinful Cinnamon. Some of us got more than others... Kristen!

That's right folks, Kristen over at Meringue Bake Shop (& the creator of the fabulous Margarita Cupcake) has enough Daddy Cakes batter to make us all breakfast for the rest of the year!
Thanks Just Spotted, we had a blast and we can't wait for next year!!
Don't forget to pop by tomorrow when I reveal our photo booth pix from the night!
Coming soon...
4 Nights of Disney
Pageant of the Masters
Pacific Symphony
an inspiring Suzie Says
The Eli's Lids Birthday Bash Giveaway Announcement!!!


Anonymous said...

Great to see you again last night. Love the post...especially the shot of Kristin!

The Blonde Duck said...

I would have stolen a tiara.

Aimee said...

Looks like a fun place! Joshua would love it!
Are those workout posts coming soon!? ;)

Sandi Ormsby said...


http://www.tolduso.wordpress.com said...

You guys have to absolutely get in touch w/us! Especially since you are RSM and we're Lake Forest

Sandi Ormsby
Lake Forest

P.S. Do you guys like the Jack FM concert they have every year? That's coming up and we just have to go every year! I believe it's either Sept. or OCt??? Anyway, it's coming up...if interested maybe we can get tickets together?

rachael said...

Whew! I'm all caught up on your life now... how/when did all this happen and I didn't know about it? ;-) Looks like good times were had by all.

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