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Friday, August 21, 2009

Capital Photo Booth = Box O' Fun

Hot Hubby and I were walking into the Just Spotted Blog Awards and a strange guy begged us to get into his photo booth (wearing uber cool nerd glasses, no less)... not really.
Well, he really was wearing the cool nerd glasses
(<--see) but we weren't accosted by him; we practically jumped at the chance for some free family photos (Christmas card?).
Darin owns Capital Photo Booth Co and after talking shop (kiddos and farts) for only a few minutes we knew he was great!
I thought it would be fun for you to "talk" to him too...
Tell us a bit about your family…
My wife Kristen and I have been married for a little over four years. We have a beautiful daughter named Avery who just turned one this July. We also have Winston, our ginormous Boston Terrier and Avery's best friend. My wife is a 3rd grade school teacher in Anaheim.
How long have you been the “photo booth guy?”
It seems like forever, but its only been about five years now. In a previous life I was a "graphic designer/photographer guy" who would take photos with a far less awkward "camera".
How long does it take for the pictures to pop out of the booth?
It fluctuates a bit between 35-43 seconds for a set of double prints. I know this only because the photo booth program keeps a log on printing times, and not because I'm an obsessive weirdo who holds a stopwatch next to his booth.
Why should people book a photo booth for their events?
They're just plain fun. I think a photo booth truly brings out the honest, unfiltered personality of the people being photographed. A photo booth seems to wash away any preconceived ideas as to what one should or shouldn't do while being photographed. Creativity prevails! All in all, by the end of the night your friends and family will have left you with a wealth of hugely memorable photos.What is the quality of the booth photos?
I've been told that its good :) I think its good. I've had several wedding photographers say very nice things about them.
Three words that describe your booths…

As you can see we agree... (mom- if you click on the pix you can see them bigger)
This was my "big plan" photo. The Reader's Digest version of our life...

Brad and I kissing...

Me preggers...
Us tired with 2 kiddos...
Us happy as can be!!


Barely Domestic Mama said...

Love the photos. Especially the re-creation of you and your hubby together up until now. :)

And the photo booth - a fabulous idea! I wish I would've had something awesome like that for my wedding. Photo booth pictures are always so much fun.

Angry Julie Monday said...

Great post!!!! I wish I would have taken more photos.

Suz Broughton said...

This was great!! I loved the photo booth.

Michaela said...

Those are such cute photos!!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. The door is always open, come back any time =)

Sandi Ormsby said...

OMG...this is hysterical! Thanks for the share! :)
I'm so happy we had the opportunity to meet you! Please keep in touch, as we might be able to meet up with being so close and all... :)
I would be more than happy to give your "lids" a shout out! :)

See you soon?

Elaina M. Avalos said...

Cute photos! I love the idea of a photo booth. What a unique thing to have at an event or party. Super cool.

rachael said...

F-U-N! Must have been a big photo booth for y'all to fit in there so well. I've loved photo booths at a couple weddings I've been to in the past year. I don't think this was something that was done (regularly) "way back" when I got married. Oh well. Maybe at our 50th, haha...

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