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Friday, January 29, 2010

And the Stringbean Company was born...

Today is the last day to enter to win the Rockets & Robots Apron Duo.
(In case you missed it go here!)
Don't forget you have until February 5th to get 20% off on everything in the Stringbean Company online store.
Enter the coupon code LIDS.
 I will be getting the Baby Wrap Carrier.
We've read a bit about the store here.
Now we get to learn a bit about Soni, the brains behind the operation...

How was the Stringbean Company born?
Like many momtrepreneurs before me I wanted something, couldn't find it, and so I made it myself. Other people asked about them, bought them, gifted them, and the rest is history! We started out with the Baby Wraps in 2006 (birth of daughter #1), added the Skidnees a few months later in early 2007, and the Apron Duo and Kids Love Capes! were born in 2008 (birth of daughter #2). In 2009 (birth of #3, a boy) we began plans to open and store and expand our sales to other people's American made wares. Having babies and kids at different stages prompted me to create different products for what they needed at the moment.
What makes the Baby Wrap Carrier and Skidnees stand out among all the other slings and leggings?
Aside from being made in the U.S.A, our products are produced in a thoughtful manner. We didn't want to just get a sewing contractor and be done with it, instead we're having our sewn products produced at a women's prison which helps inmates to pay child support and earn a fair wage while teaching them a valuable and very marketable skill for use upon their release. I'm so proud to be a part of that program. For the Skidnees, we shopped around for a family owned business in the heart of the former "Sock Capital of the World" that was struggling to stay afloat. The quality produced by both of our manufacturers is unsurpassed, and we wouldn't trade them for anything. Also, contrary to popular belief that goods made in the U.S.A are more expensive than their foreign counterparts, our products cost less. The Baby Wrap is unique because it is made of a cotton material with just a touch of spandex. This eliminates the sagging & bagging problem you find with most jersey material wraps. Our wraps are truly designed to be used for multiple children, they don't wear out after the first baby.
I love the fabric combos you choose for the Baby Wraps! What inspires you?
I'm such a color / fabric / prints junkie and always have been. I was an art student in college and that training has helped me channel my creativity into things like this business.

Top pick (1 for boys and 1 for girls) of the Skidnees?
Hmmm, this is tough! Top pick for girls would have to be Have a Heart and for boys it would have to be Polka Dot Black (my little guy is tiny, so I'm still getting used to dressing a boy!)
Thanks Soni!!
I have truly loved getting to know you though our businesses!

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Soni said...

And I you! Thanks for everything!

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