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Monday, January 11, 2010

Eli's Lids in the New Year...

We rung in the new year with our annual New York New Years Eve Party.
Of course we lined up the children against their will to take a picture.
I forgot my Happy New Year sign.
I also forgot to make everyone wear their Eli's Lids like I did last year...
The picture still turned out absolutely priceless.
 What's in store for Eli's Lids this year?
(you ask)
~New Lid Styles (baseball, trucker, and of course more beanies!)
~A fun Carnival! (details later) As much as I loved the Remember When Carnival... it sure was hard to scan in all those pix!
~The same ole' silly style of blogging.
~More fun crafts! (Of course you should be checking in with my alter ego, She's Crafty, often for constant crafts!)
~A new awesome charity Eli's Lids will be donating to... Surfers Healing!!
~Oh and have you heard we are having baby #3?!? The gender and name are a big secret. I'm thinking I'll tweet during labor...

I'm sure you're wondering what my New Year's Resolution is...
You're not?
We'll I'll tell you anyway.
My New Years Resolution is to gain 25-35 pounds!
I am With Child... how often will I get to make that one!!?!!


Frogi Girl said...

I will join you in your resolution ;-)

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

Oh my gosh, congrats on your upcoming delivery! I hope I will get to meet him or her. :)

I need to get to work on my next one soon! Haha.

April said...

Wonderful New Year's resolution! I'm joining you in that one! Looking forward to meeting you at BlogSugar.

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