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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009

Axl Rose and I putting on lip gloss
(I love my girl!!)

Candy swiper...We got this Trick-Or-Treating thing down.
And it's serious business...
You can't argue with this kind of cute! Moms and Dads get the candy tax.
Next year we are going to have candy picking training sessions so the kiddos know what candy not to pick (i.e. candy corn, dum dums, gum balls, atomic fireballs, anything sour, 3 musketeers) and what candies to pick (i.e. snickers, mr. goodbar, tiwx, starburst, milky way, skittles, peanut m&ms).


junglewife said...

What?! I LOVE candy corn and 3 musketeers! But... to each his own I guess :-)

Your costumes were great! It would be fun to be able to take my girls trick-or-treating... maybe one of these years we'll be in the States for Halloween!

real estate agent from Vancouver said...

Wonderful pictures. It seems that kids are having a lot of fun. That little pirate reminds me my nephew who spent Halloween with us here in Vancouver. He was also pirate and he enjoyed it very much. I think that it was great Halloween for all of us. I'm just little bit sad that it's over but we can already plan the next year Halloween.

Good luck,

Ashley said...

Feel free to send the 3 Musketeers my way! :)

Jenny kept picking candy with peanuts and/or peanut butter in it, much to our delight, since she can't have any of it - it's all for us!! :)

Julia said...

Totally cute!!! Now my only question is can your kids say "Argggghhh Matey" with one eye closed? ;P

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