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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eli's Birthday at the Santa Ana Zoo

We like birthdays!
Around here we use birthdays as an excuse to get together with friends. We nix the gifts (though a few friends brought some, thank you!) and just par-tay.
This year we had a double birthday party with Eli's Best Buddy, Iris. Their birthdays are only 2 months apart so we had the party smack-dab in the middle.
(Having a double party is an awesome way to cut costs AND if you have a lot of the same friends then they don't have to give up two Saturdays for two parties).
The favors were adorable. (Each one was under $1.00... contents included!)
See... While we (Hot Hubby) was packing the wagon to lug all our stuff to the SAZOO party area Iris' cake was dropped.
"Oh, she won't even notice" (We thought)
She noticed.
We told her it was the "adult cake" and that her Uncle Eric was going to get her "real cake."
Luckily, she bought it.
Luckily Uncle Eric and (hopefully soon-to-be-Aunt) Keri high tailed it to the store and bought a new cake. Iris got to put the animals on it, and all was well.The Santa Ana Zoo is an awesome place for a birthday!
REALLY!(FYI - I'm not getting paid to say that. I PAID to have the birthday there)
There are a few party areas. We were in the SAZOO area, which is the farthest walk BUT has loads of grassy area for kiddos to go wild while the adults chat. It was awesome!
(The little fellows below have known each other since birth!)
We noticed Cora had a lot of extra energy.
"She's practically bouncing off the walls... we might need to lock her in the monkey cage... ha ha ha."
I wonder why...
During the Happy Birthday Song Eli was giddy. I mean he was just glowing. It was adorable and I wish we had it on video.

Just before the party was going to wrap up I had the bright idea to get a picture with ALL the kiddos (there were 27).
I know... it is always a huge pain in the a$& to do but it's so worth it later!
I mean who knows? One of these shots may be in a wedding slide show someday!?!
We started lining them up...
...and adding more...
...and adding more...
...and adding more...
...yep, more... (we know how to procreate... next year there will be at least 5 more!)
(Notice one little guy, Noah from Mom Mode, in the front row is wearing his Eli's Lid. Thanks Dude.)
That's everybody... except Mia and Jacob who were asleep.
The party was quick (only an hour with the package we bought) then families got to have their own family fun at the zoo.
Included in the party package is a ticket for the train for each kiddo. The parents have to pay. It's $3 a ticket... which I think is beyond steep! When I take the kiddos on a normal day we never go on it. It's $9 for the 3 of us to go on 1 time. If it was $1 we would go every time... probably even twice!
(Dear Santa Ana Zoo, You should really lower the train and carousel price. Though the rides are fun, they are WAY overpriced. The carousel at Fashion Island is only $1 and the train at the Irvine Spectrum is only $2 AND you don't have to pay to get in. Show some love during this slow economy. AND I know you would make more money... from me at least! Warmly, KN) By 3ish Cora was konked out in YaYa's arms...
Then hot hubby and I got some fun alone birthday time with the Birthday Boy.
(If you think the fact that they are both wearing green is a coincidence, you are sadly mistaken. You know I love matching! Cora and I are both wearing pink and the kiddos are both in stripes. No matter how you slice it all outfits will "flow" in the pictures.)
Happy 3rd Birthday Eli Benjamin!
We are so proud to be your parents.
When we found out you were coming it was a total surprise and you continue to surprise us everyday with your silly sense of humor, your sweet compassion and your natural ability to be AWESOME!

(If I look tired in this picture, it's because I was!)


rachael said...

What an adorable, fun post. Great story-telling, and you hit all the high points! LOL about Eric and Keri. I will be sending this link on to them to enjoy. Thank you, Eli Benjamin, for sharing your birthday party with our daughter. She loves you and we do too! If you want to do it again next year, we're game! If not, we understand. Love to you all! ~ The Woodalls

amymom24 said...

SO cute!! Glad Eli had such a great time:) LOL about the cake incident and also love that you are such a "fruitful" bunch!

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