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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Crafts...

Are you looking for something fun and Thanksgivingy to do tonight!?!
You've found it!
Check out what my alter ego She's Crafty has been making:

Make these adorable Turkeys here... Spice up your Thanksgiving table with these awesome napkin rings here...
Or if you are feeling super silly, make your family into Indians :) Just like we did last year...You'll need...
~Printed pictures of each family member
~Indian coloring sheets. Click here, here, here, here and here for the ones I used above.
~Crayons or markers
1. Print out pictures of your family and enough Indian bodies for everybody.
2. Cut out faces of family members and glue them on the bodies where the face should be. Note: It doesn't have to be true to size... it's funnier if the face is a bit bigger!
3. Color
4. Glue picture onto cardboard
5. Cut out around body and face
5. Glue feathers to the top
6. To make them stand on their own glue a scrap of cardboard in a T shape on the back.

Found this craft last year here.

1 comment:

AJ and Aly said...

way too cute family of indians!!

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