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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bosh Images

A few months ago I met Noel from Bosh Images through the wonders of the internet!
Of course I had to comment on her awesome name (the second part of my name!) and I quickly discovered that she is an amazing local photographer!
And she offers some pretty awesome classes for those of us who aren't as amazing with the camera.
See the Bosh Images portfolio on their website here.
Check out their blog here.
A bit about the classes here.
(P.S. Their next class is sold out BUT a little birdie told me
Eli's Lids will get to giveaway
a seat for one of the
upcoming classes.
Check out their sites and keep posted for the giveaway.)

I got to do a little interview with Noel. She's great see...
Tell us a bit about your family...
I have one adventurous five year old, and one active thirty-five kid that i take care of daily. I was a teacher for 10 years when my son was born, and I knew I needed to find something to do that would allow for a much more flexible schedule so that I could play a more active roll in my sons life.
When did you start Bosh Images...
Growing up with two parents that were photographers, I have been taking pictures with a SLR camera since I was 11. It was only until just recently that I began to charge people so that I could afford to quit my teaching gig. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. Following your heart can have huge rewards that cannot be measured monetarily.
I love the concept of “anytime-art!” How did that idea develop?
Anytime-art stems from two concepts that I dealt with daily. After I quit teaching, I missed the opportunity to help others learn. I longed to be back in the classroom for that reason. Secondly, I had moms asking me daily how I was able to take the pictures I took. Realizing that many of them had as good a camera as I did, I began to realize the need for the class. Meeting Mali just sealed the deal!
What inspires you?
Inspiration? Inspiration comes from everywhere. The first time I saw a Gauguin painting in real life, it took my breath away. I am always inspired by the art around me. Watching the sun in the early morning, snow falling, wildflowers growing, kids playing all inspire me to create. Most of all, when you are a creative person, you have a need/desire to create, and that is why this class has been so successful. Creative parents are inspired to create a memory of their child how they see them everyday. That is the power of being able to create art using your children as the subjects.

Thanks for the chat Noel! Can't wait for the giveaway!


rachael said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! WOW!

Noel said...

Thanks again Kara! We can't wait to teach our Eli's Lids reader in the next class. Your blog is ADORABLE, and am planning on making a valentine necklace for our cousins. Thanks for the fun idea!

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