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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is your birthday on a holiday?

I may have mentioned once or twice (or a million times) that Cora's birthday is on Valentines Day.
Side Note: She was due on February 5th and the ONLY day I DIDN'T want her to be born was on Valentine's day. Ha! Sure enough that little sucker came 9 days late, on V-day!
 After she was born I couldn't help but be sad that she was going to get shistered on her birthday every year by her future husband or she would be one of those folks that has such a high expectation for their birthday that nothing could ever live up.
My idea to off set the future therapy factor is to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 13th. That way...
a) Cora gets her actual Birth Day to herself
b) Eli isn't getting a gift on his sister's actual birthday (because it is totally lame if your sibling gets a gift on your birthday... I mean shouldn't they learn to be excited when someone else gets something special and not feel entitled to something themselves!)
c) If we do her birthday after the V-day festivities then (my thought is) the birthday is what will be most remembered.
What do you think?
I need to know.
Is your birthday on a holiday? (or near one?)
What did your parents do that totally sucked?
What did they do that was totally awesome?

So here is what we did for Valentines Day... you know... the one on February 13th!
I picked up these Dr Seuss DVDs for 5 bucks each after Christmas.
They love em'!
Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
The animators were most definitely high as a kite when they put together these shows.
Oh well!
What harm can it do?
 She already has the muchies!!

My grandmom brought to my attention that I may offend families who do sibling gifts on birthdays. If you do sibling gifts, don't be offended. Be proud of your family tradition and think I'm lame :)


zealandsmom said...

Well, my bday often falls on Memorial day weekend. Everyone is always out of town spending quality beach time with their own families. I remember it being cool that some years I didn't have to go to school but I also remember the suckage of friends not being able to come play.

Paige said...

My moms bday is on Christmas Eve. So growing up we would do Christmas Eve mass and then after she would open her bday gifts and we would have a special dinner for her. We never opened gifts on Christmas Eve we always waited till actual Christmas day. I like your idea of celebrating Valentines day on the 13th, because Valentines day can be celebrated any day really, but birthdays should be celebrated on that special day.

junglewife said...

this isn't about birthdays... but I think we might have those same DVDs. My hubby bought a DVD called "Seuss Celebration" that has a bunch of animated Dr. Seuss stories on it. And Natalie loves it, and I HATE it! There are tons of crazy songs on there, and it seems like the story barely follows the original book, and all the stories are really crazy and weird. Like you said, like the animators were high when they made it! It has the Lorax, the Grinch, the Cat in the Hat, the Sneeches, and some others. Too weird.

The Pascua Family said...

ok so my best friend was born on Valentines Day and I just have to say every year her hubby goes way overboard for Vday and her Birthday! Like seriously overboard to make sure she gets all Valentine Day blessings and her birthday, we know Cora Jane will snag herself an amazing hot hubby one day and will get the same royal treatment :)
Loved the party today, so beautiful!!!

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

Mason was born on Superbowl Sunday. That's practically a holiday in my house. We usually celebrate his birthday a couple weeks late so that people will actually show up. Jackson was born 4 days after Christmas, and he is only a year old, so I only have one year of experience with that. We did his birthday in the beginning of January to avoid all the holiday craziness.

rachael said...

I don't have a bday on a holiday, but I have to say that sometimes having my bday at the end of July was lame. Everyone was off doing their own thing and by then I'd forgotten about all my school classmates (not really, but you understand)... I think you (and Cora) will be fine b/c you're being intentional about having a good perspective on her bday being on a holiday (like my "word of the year" plugs?).

Momfluential said...

Leo's bday is LEAP day. We're still struggling with when to celebrate that one... My dd's bdays fall on Passover & Thanksgiving many yrs and we congratulate ourselves for this since they are *non gifting* family holidays and as a result of family being gathered and no one else to gift, they score rather heavily. Poor Fox though - summer bday, noone around, that sucks!

AJ and Aly said...

As you know mines near x-mas. my mom always makes sure that all my presents are in birthday paper and not xmas paper. she makes a big deal and makes us forget xmas is the next day. but growing up i always had to have a party 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after due to the holiday and everyone gone or had family in town. she also gave me half birthdays where we'd do a little something. then if i had a party for my half birthday then all the kids knew it wasnt your real birthday.. ;( and people always give "a bigger combined gift" for bday and xmas. yeah no that doesn't work! not that its all about the presents but it still kinda stinks. my bro's bday is in april and he gets everything he didnt get for xmas then for his bday a few months later. i get it all in 2 days and then have to wait a whole nother year.

onangelwings said...

I think your solution of doing Valentines Day on the 13th is great for now. As she gets older she may LOVE the fact that her birthday is on Valentines Day.

Like you, I believe that siblings should know that it is their Siblings special day and they should be happy for them.

No sibling gifts here.

Soni said...

All 3 of my kids have birthdays within 1-3 days of a holiday, Independence Day, Halloween & VALENTINES DAY! I totally get it, but I love it! Party themes are easy and so fun to combine a valentine's day party with my daughter's birthday. Plus, we really try to remind our kids that parties, no matter when they happen, are for having fun and GIVING to our family/friends, rather than focusing on who got what and how much. It's tough for parents though, because we never want our little ones to feel slighted!

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