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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2010!
I thought I would share a little Earth Day fodder...
*If you're a OC local head on over to the etnies company store and buy a pair of shoes.
Why? (you're thinking)
The answer:
Decline a bag or bring your own reusable one and get 10% off!!
I had the chance to visit etnies about 6 months ago and I can honestly tell you that the founder/owner, Pierre Andre Senizergues, of etnies has a passion for the environment that is infectious! My favorite quote from Pierre that day was,
"We can make a bamboo shoe, but if the process of making the shoe still generates the some carbon emissions, what's the point?"
WOW! I had never thought about that! When we buy organic, we assume the factory making it is Green. That may not be the case!! etnies switched factories and was able to decrease 20% of their carbon emissions! Check out their Eco-Audit here. It will make you proud to buy the shoes! Plus they are really cute.
*You all know I'm big on saving. I really believe every penny counts!! Show your kiddos with Pennies for the Planet that even one person donating one penny can make a big difference for the environment.
Funding from this year's Pennies for the Planet program will protect endangered coastlines, including:
~Safeguarding Louisiana coastal marshes and helping to support the scientists and volunteers restoring them
~Protecting nesting shore birds like the Western Snowy Plover that live on California's sea shores, and
~Restoring Florida's Panther Island to improve the water quality and habitat for endangered Florida panthers, wood storks, and gopher tortoises.
This program is geared for school age kiddos (starting with 2nd grade) but I'm sure you can still donate. You probably won't qualify for the prizes... BUT it's not about the prizes anyway... it's about teaching your kiddos that they can have a positive impact on the environment! Visit Pennies for the Planet for all the info!

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